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    HP Desktop not letting me use Windows 7 Disc


    So I am trying to reformat a HP computer I got, wanting to do a full reformat, but when i putt in the Windows 7 Disc, the little option on the start up of your PC does not give me the "Click any button to boot from cd / dvd drive" as normal when you putt in a Windows 7 disc, instead it just goes straight to the normal Windows booting screen.

    However.. I putt it in the computer, and I can manually go to Start, Computer, and click on the DvD device and go to all the files from there, but its not giving me the option start itt from the time I putt it in and restart

    Not sure if its a HP issue or something, but here it is - HP Pavilion p7-1234 (http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport...riesId=5187022)

    Mainly what I am wondering if there is any way to get this computer to load the windows disc when I pop it in and restart

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    Boot -->*Go in the bios --> select boot from: and select your disk reader

    I don't know the exact keys for you computer, but on my HP pavilion It was F12 to select the boot option (or delete, don't remember)
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    Sounds like the boot order in the BIOS is to go directly to the hard drive and not check the optical drive. You need to access the BIOS and change the boot order so that it reads the Windows 7 disc before it reads the hard drive. When you restart the computer mash the Delete key over and over and you should get a BIOS screen. But if its not the delete key the listed keys for HP computers is either F1, F10 or F11. Just change the order for optical being first and hard drive after. Should work from there when it reads the disc you need to press any key to boot from it.

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