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    H- Looking for 10 and 25 man raiding guilds

    I am a 8-year WOW player that is looking to get back into raiding. My character list is:

    90 - Warrior (i level 455) Prot / Fury (mining / jewel crafting)
    90 - Druid (i level 458) Feral / Boom (herbing / alch)
    90 - Dk (I level 460) Blood / Frost (mining / jewel crafting)
    83 - Sham gonna be resto / enhancement or ele... (mining / jewel crafting)

    I am looking to get back into raiding...I know the I levels are a little low...but I can fix that in a couple of week (and with the luck of some loot rolls).

    I cannot raid on Tuesdays....that's the only night I have an issue. I have been reading and watching all the fights....so I at least have that knowledge going in. Feel free to post here or BT me Jazzius1101.

    Raiding history in no real order:
    NAXX (10 and 25)
    LK (10 and 25)
    ULDA (10 and 25)

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    Alliance guild on Emerald Dream

    Cuties are recruiting any exceptional player but is in high need of:

    Shaman (DPS/Heal)
    Monk (DPS/Heal)

    About Cuties:

    Cuties is a guild with many exceptional players with a focus on progression while maintaining a fun atmosphere. Cuties was formed in 2010 by a group of fun loving PvEers that all met through several PUG raids and decided to come together into a single guild. The common thread with the guild members is a love of the game and raiding while achieving guild progression. The Cuties love to discover the new content and still enjoy running older raids for achievement, mounts, pets or just for a good time. Several of our members love to PvP and spend many hours in battlegrounds and arenas, a goal for Cuties is to get into RBGs as soon as possible.

    As a PvE focused guild we are all about guild raid progression and strive to be the best we can and are always looking to improve not only our individual play, but that of the group. Many of our members are always looking at class changes to help others with suggestions and we are always open to help research questions brought by guild members.

    Above all Cuties just wanna have fun. While we do take raiding seriously, it should be fun as well. The guild in general is filled with all types of fun and interesting people. Guild chat and vent can get pretty wild at times, but is usually full of joking around and fun talk. The exception is during raids when we are focused.

    Current Progression:

    MV: 6/6
    HoF: 2/6
    ToES: 0/4

    Raid Schedule:

    Tue/Wed/Thurs 8pm – 11pm CST

    We expect high attendance from our raiders and expect that all will be online on time (prefer if raiders online 15 mins prior to start) and be prepared for the nights raids (fight research, flasks/pots, enchants and reforging done)

    Raiders are required to have a stable internet connection, computer capable of handling the demands of raiding, ventrillo and a working headset/microphone.

    You also need a good attitude and an open mind.

    Raiding Perks:

    As a raider your flasks/pots and repairs are provided. We ask that you come prepared with your own individual buff food (300) however, with the last expansion there is to many different foods for the guild to keep up with.

    For more information contact:

    Byecurious: Pinky#1654
    Gerrene: Gerrene#1458

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    I forgot to say I am Horde

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    Anyone else? Horde.... WAR / DRD / DK

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    bump this to top

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    Hyperions 2nd raid team is recruiting an awesome Frost DK. We are hyperion!! Nordrassil-US, Horde. we raid mon/wed/fri 8-11pm server time. you can contact me on my Shaman (ichigeki) or my battletag-Uthferas#1509.

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