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    corrupted blood plague
    walljumping into the uncompleted hyjal area

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciddy View Post

    10k+ crits were pretty fucking big in vanilla. This one might fall more under "creative use of game mechanics" than exploiting, but it is still awesome.
    I loved the open world PvP in vanilla. All the engineering bombs and fruits or whatever you wanna call it for extra healing pots <3 You could do so cool stuff with all of that.

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    Going to UBRS to MC mobs to buff with Fire resistance(was like insane buff for 10 min or smth) just to pull off a Ragnaros kill and doing this with 39 other people.

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    The one you could go through the wall in orgrimmar and go to that special memorial for the GM that passed away. I think you can still do it.

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    Dragon Soul Ret Pally bug. Seal was benefiting from haste 100 times more than intended or some shit like that. Every Pally was doing 100k dps (When that was a lot.)

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    Monk RJW + SCK bug during the start of 5.2 (March 11th 2013 to be exact). Millions upon millions of damage from SCK after using RJW, actually recorded myself and another monk 2 manning Sha of Anger in about 10 seconds. We also did a few random Battlegrounds.. 5M hits on people, not even resilience can help with that.

    I'm curious as to how popular this bug got, since RJW wasn't THAT widely used and it was hotfixed within a few hours of being found.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrIbbe View Post
    The one you could go through the wall in orgrimmar and go to that special memorial for the GM that passed away. I think you can still do it.
    I did this today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sj View Post
    That was the pre-launch event for Wrath. So much fun!

    The Blood Plague bug happened because the plague wouldn't clear off of hunter and warlock pets upon leaving the zone, so it started spreading in the cities and elsewhere.
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    Wasn't there something about kiting to Vael's room? Don't remember exactly how it went..

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    I loved the exploit at yogg saron that lets you kill of his brain before p2 so the encounter bugs right to the last phase resulting in skipping of the annoying tentacle phase. Thats how me and couple of friends farmed mimirons head

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starscreamer View Post
    My favorite one was during Vanilla having a raid member get Living Bomb from Baron Geddon in MC and him getting warlock ported to the center of the IF AH back when it was the only AH so it was always extremely crowded. xD good times!

    Also the instant repsawn rate of sheep critters in Uldum at the beginning of cata, me and a fellow guildy spent an hour and a half AOEing them to easily obtain the critter kill squad achieve and unlocked the armadillo pet way before it was even possible for someone to have enough rep to buy it.
    Create raid of guildies. Kill one critter - get 40 kills towards achievement.

    Killed roaches in the tunnel between WPL/EPL near where Tirion Fordring's cottage.

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    I miss climbing near the IF bank.

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    There had been something that was used by top guilds I world first race for ulduar.
    Mages spell stealing buff from trash in freya area to kill hodir hard mode. Loads of controversy about it and fixed quite quickly!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wooootles View Post
    25HM LK + Saronite Bombs = the Lance Armstrong scandal of WoW
    Ensidia got banned for doing that on normal, not heroic.

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    The reckoning bug with prot paladins that allowed them to stack it infinitely and one shot things.

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    I liked the Undead event, when you was turned you used to be able to interact with things you couldn't usually interact with. Example the door/gate for the pvp vendors, you could close it and trap everyone inside or prevent people from getting any gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seta-san View Post
    corrupted blood plague
    walljumping into the uncompleted hyjal area
    Oh.... true. When Hakkar succeed in wiping the life of Azeroth, and huntards became hated for good....

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    80's solo'ing LK 25 heroic, until some idiot took it into current raids and got vengeance nerfed.
    80 paladins can still solo lk25 heroic

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    Hunter pet AQ Silithid boss tame in Cata. It gave a raid wide 20% melee buff for 10 minutes, a lot of guilds were using it to score progression kills before they hotfixed it.

    Btw - this is a great thread, stuff like this is part of what makes WoW a great game...the fact that the players keep finding creative ways to play the game, and the fact that WoW is such an incredibly complex game for this stuff to happen in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tripping View Post
    I did this today
    Where is that wall?
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