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    When the Motorcycle was a vehicle and you could jump off mountains, kick your passenger killing them, but you would survive.

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    When they first made the Lunar Festival event, you could take the breadcrumb quest with any lvl1, get yourself ported to Moonglade, and turn it in - for the XP equivalent of something like lvl20, meaning you instantly dinged to lvl5 or so.

    But my favorite has got to be Electro-Shock Therapy. Using a quest item from Netherstorm, you got a buff that gave you a chance to zap your target - it dealt no damage, but it aggro'd the mob, and it HAD UNLIMITED RANGE.

    There were many things you could do with it. The most prominent was doing Strath heroic timed runs for the mount - simply run up to the end where you can see the special boss through the grate, target it, and spam AoE. As soon as the lightning from the quest item procs, the mob will aggro - and run straight through the gate. Kill, loot, done with timed run in 2 minutes tops.

    You could also pull bosses through locked doors or from the entrance of the instance (Halls of Stone, Halls of Lightning), and all those kinds of things. It took a LONG time until it was fixed, and it was not a very well-known bug, but it was great fun!
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    More a creative use of mechanics, but it still got nerfed/broken.

    During vanilla, a guild having issues with Panther boss in ZG, came up with a unique way of dealing with them.

    The original version of that item could effect the panthers that spawn during said fight. Word spread about that strategy and soon after, Blizzard nerfed the item's effectiveness.

    I hate it when Blizz does that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eul View Post
    There was a mob that used to be in blasted lands, if he got too far from his crystal he became invincible. Saw those kited to Stormwind with guards wailing on then for weeks at a time.
    Someone kited one of those guys into the AH in SW, I leveled all my weapons skills to 400 on him. LOL

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    Opening the AQ gates on a new realm was cool. Sadly not possible anymore.
    Isn't it fun. U cant get the scarab lord title and mount anymore but u can get rank 14 titles? Teh fcuk Blizzard?

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    Reckoning bomb "1 shot" kazzak has to make the list.
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    Probably the recent bug where you could open bags from Heroic Scenarios, Pet Battle Dailies, and the Sunreaver dailies, take an item out, sell them to a vendor, and them buy them again to get infinite Battle Stones/Keys to the Palace of Lei-Shen/516 Epics.

    Either that or the bug during 4.2-4.3 where people could use instance portals and trading to De-sync themselves from the servers. This allowed someone to open any sort of container or combine an item infinite times. This is why there were/are tons of Shadowmourne items, why Epic Gems were dirt cheap in 4.3, and why Ontx Panthers are so cheap today.

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    Serenity Now Funeral Bomb.

    Corrupted Blood
    Classic servers are silly.

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    Dying to Fatigue when flying from ironforge to the isle of quel'danas when it first opened, was fun to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starscreamer View Post
    Also the instant repsawn rate of sheep critters in Uldum at the beginning of cata, me and a fellow guildy spent an hour and a half AOEing them to easily obtain the critter kill squad achieve and unlocked the armadillo pet way before it was even possible for someone to have enough rep to buy it.
    We had a group of 5 do this and got both achievements pretty quickly. Sadly we broke Uldum for our server for a few hours so no one could go in or out.

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    What I can recall is that back in early 4.3, there was a seal bug in palas which caused their dps to be 100k or etc. Also during MoP locks were so much broken that they could crit for 100m or so and nearly 1 shot bosses and a guy made a video which blizzard noticed and fixed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enchanted View Post
    What I can recall is that back in early 4.3, there was a seal bug in palas which caused their dps to be 100k or etc. Also during MoP locks were so much broken that they could crit for 100m or so and nearly 1 shot bosses and a guy made a video which blizzard noticed and fixed.
    That was a ptr bug.

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    not a major one, but for me because i mostly play Orc males since i started WoW i always remember the patch in TBC where orc male shoulderpads shrunk to like a 10th of the size.
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    My favorites:

    • Engineering Shadow Reflectors on Old Doom Lord Kazzak

    • Hacking through the ground to the Kara crypts

    • The MgT Vexallus bug where a warlock could get max stacks on his demon, dismiss and bring him back out in a 5s arena match and 1 -shot the whole team

    • Most recently: the goblin glider + nitro boosts in WSG for a 15sec flag cap. Also druid travel form + speed boosts
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    Friggin Lootbug where you were stuck in the looting animation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cherb View Post
    Ensidia got banned for doing that on normal, not heroic.
    Creative use of the game shouldn't be banned, especially when it was reported in the PTR, commentated by a Blue as "The Bombs broke pieces of the throne off and the Frost storm does the rest? Clever." Plus Blizzard allowed it still to go live. Thus Imho Ensidia will always have World First regardless of what Paragon or others claim, as they were doing it also.

    My favorite was the Seal of Command Bug in Vanilla.
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    Guild leveling exploit with fishing tournement flyers 1-25 in a few hours.

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    Maybe Yogg'Saron world first healing-evade aggro inn the brain, LK saronite bombs, or skipping to Cthun, hacking files so you fall below 1st boss platform.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RToth View Post
    Snake Trap glitch/exploit back in BC.
    I almost got a suspension over that one. Between my friends orc hunter and my dwarf hunter stv was unquestable for hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExtremeActionTess View Post
    Additional. instances. cannot. be. launched. ALL MY HATE! TAKE IT!

    one of the more fun ones though, and we still joke about it, THE ICE STONE HAS MELTED! Many puns have been created since then..
    God the Additional instances cannot be launched had to be the most annoying to me. It would take forever of stepping through in and out to get in to the instances. However I am pretty sad that the ice stone no longer melts D:

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