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    PSA: We Want To Help YOU!

    Recently our guild finished this tier by killing Ra Den a week or two ago, and we reflected back on the tier and thought about what we wanted to accomplish that we hadn't already. We decided we really wanted to help people in this game who may want to get into the heroic raiding scene.

    So what do we want to help with?? ANYTHING.

    We recently started a podcast dedicated to helping people bridge the gap between normal and heroic raiding. It would be against MMO rules for me to promote that here, so DO NOT go to my signature and listen to our podcast, i repeat, DO NOT do that.

    Instead, we ask of you, if you have any questions, regarding ANYTHING in this game please post them here! We are glad to answer just about anything and everything. We want to make people better players and if we can affect just a small population, we've made the game better.

    13/13 Heroic US 27 - 25 Man Pires - Warlock <Static> of Arthas

    Co-Host of Set To Heroic - A Brand New Heroic Raiding Podcast. Search iTunes for Set To Heroic, or Click the link!

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    We have an entire forum dedicated to raiding. If people need help with their raids, they have the resources of that whole forum. I don't think a thread like this like this would be useful.

    You're welcome to link your podcast in your signature...joke aside.

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