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    Levitate wall walking in Wotlk. Was pretty amazing tbh.

    Wall jumping in vanilla was pretty cool too. I loved that 'feature'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funkthepunk View Post
    Levitate wall walking in Wotlk. Was pretty amazing tbh.

    Wall jumping in vanilla was pretty cool too. I loved that 'feature'.
    Omg I completely forgot about that, that was by far my favorite bug I climbed into so many places you were not suppose to be able to get to with that.

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    Snake Trap glitch/exploit back in BC.

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    80's solo'ing LK 25 heroic, until some idiot took it into current raids and got vengeance nerfed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chry View Post
    The one where they filled the capital cities with a ton of Frostmourne swords was pretty interesting. Not sure how many people have seen it though.

    Screenshot, for those who haven't seen it.
    ...what the hell?
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    The Paladin seal proccing bug back in Cata, where a coder had misplaced a decimal point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halonos View Post
    Not really a big one but def my fav, when the gold sellers used to drop themselves from the sky and die to form the name of their websites in dead bodies.
    This, I remember when they figured out how to make them hover in midair doing the same thing. They'd be a few feet above org bank roof spelling gold selling websites.

    Annoying but genius.

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    Additional. instances. cannot. be. launched. ALL MY HATE! TAKE IT!

    one of the more fun ones though, and we still joke about it, THE ICE STONE HAS MELTED! Many puns have been created since then..

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    Around Ulduar / Naxx times there was a Dancing Rune Weapon bug where it would cast a blood boil for every mob that the dancing rune weapon blood boil hit. I remember casting blood boil game freezing for 5 seconds then every trash mob being dead

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    When Kazzak came to Ironforge, all the hordes on my server created level 1 gnomes, and ran in, got killed, made him more powerful.

    Needless to say, there was no one alive on the server about 3 hours later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redwitchy View Post
    How about the PW:Shield bug back in uhm.. 2.4 i think it was? You could hear it if the player was in the same zone never mind being near you
    I always enjoyed the Lil XT bug of the same nature. I'm ready to play!

    Quote Originally Posted by Funkthepunk View Post
    Levitate wall walking in Wotlk. Was pretty amazing tbh.

    Wall jumping in vanilla was pretty cool too. I loved that 'feature'.
    I miss wall jumping so much. It was my favorite downtime activity!

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    Running into the Ironforge Tombs.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    Getting the Baron Geddon bomb on your warlock pet, dismiss it and blow up the Ironforge/Ogrimmar AH later!

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    I remember very fondly the Lunar Festival where Blizzard introduced the ability to make and place your own fireworks launcher. It was a collidable object, it could stack on top of another of itself, and it had a long duration such that people used it to wall off the inns in Dalaran. People inside the inn with their hearthstone also in the inn were imprisoned with no way to get out except to spam and get a warlock summon out of the inn.
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    Blood Plague.

    Pulling the Green Dragons to random cities. ( I actually really miss this one)

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    Blood elf male capes disappearing for a month or two.


    Alright, maybe not up there with Corrupted Blood, but still...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mear View Post
    Well there was some guild that got hold of the weapon under the ulduar-toc times, kiting world bosses to citys, like kazzak, he hade some aoe I think that healed him + made him stronger and a gm had to reset/kill him.
    The guild that got Martin Thunder was perma banned not long afterwards. I guess it was strange that a guild that had problems doing the first bosses in Ulduar suddenly had all bosses down in 25 HM with each boss taking less than a few seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wooootles View Post
    25HM LK + Saronite Bombs = the Lance Armstrong scandal of WoW
    It was normal mode, not heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peggleftw View Post
    the orc shoulder armor bugg in TBC :P anyone whos main was an orc back then surely knows it.
    Same as the Human females getting Tauren male sized weapons for a while (as if they were not big enough already lol). There was also the glitch where Obsidum Executioners sheathed on your characters hips instead of back when DW'd as Fury for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wilian View Post
    While not in game, the patch 2.3/2.4 (Can't remember which) Retribution rebuff changes when Blizzard failed to aknowledge the need for threat reduction and EU forums rose in righteous fury, making entire official forums spammed with topics of "Threat reduction?" and "Threat reduction" replies to any topic not related. In less than 24 hours threat reduction was modified into one of the existing talents with Blizzard adamantly claiming "No, the uproar had nothing to do with it! Serious!"

    In 4.3 a bug with Paladin seal caused Retribution damage to triple at the very least.

    Can't think of any exploits now that has not been yet covered.
    The insta repeated proccing Censure?
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    Oh yeah, almost forgot this one:

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