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    Quote Originally Posted by Dasffion View Post
    I've never gotten anything like this on my WoW email account.
    Same here tbh, my battlenet account email is not used for anything else, not even emailing friends or family.., because if they go on suspicious sites etc n' get a worm / trojan w/n, it'll just copy every email address they've written n' spamathon is on!

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    I also get random spam mail, ranging from blizzard games(wow, d3) to runescape, to eve online, to aion. I have no idea where these people get my email but cause it was never used for WoW or anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffa View Post
    I use 1 email just for WoW. I have never had any spam on that email.
    same here and sure it does get spammed but its cause of tickets, transactions, suggestions, bug reports i send in all the time on my toons

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    I've created a new mail just for back in the days, never used anywhere else, 3 RealID close friends. And there IS spam. Now tell me how...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    Which is kinda scary, since my private email is the email I got from my university and is actually kinda long and complicated. That's why I wanted to use it for WoW... in order to be safe from hackers by using long account names and passwords. But meh.
    Long account names and the such have no impact if you have a keylogger on your system, or if a person you have communicated with via that email account gets compromised and their emails used for spamming purposes. Have you checked the headers to determine what the real source of the emails are?
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    My 6+ year-old email gets a ton of crap all the time from Blizzard game-related phishers.

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    these are ofcourse hack filled spam emails but they're not from or because of blizz. with a simplified example. As a WoW player, we go to wow related sites, sometimes these are scanned and they get our emails. And then send us blizz related spam emails.

    I myself dont even open the blizzard emails out of fear they're very good forgeries.

    some spam company got my email from my a charity/petition organization i registered with (got the mails an hour after i registered my email) and now i am BOMBARDED by 100's of obvious spam emails which mostly go into my spam folder (which can be disconcerting since its now much harder to find wrongfully-spam-foldered emails

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