Adamant (US-MUGTHOL) (guild level 25) is currently recruiting more for our 10 man progression core for Mist raiding.

Currently 5/6 Heroic MSV, 3/6H HoF and 4/4 ToES.

We raid Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 am until 2 pm EST, and will be hosting an alt Monday night run from 6:30pm-9:30pm EST once we get our alts up. We also provide feasts and can help with potions and flasks if necessary.

Leadership has been together since Burning Crusade, and have regularly cleared content.

We try to keep a somewhat casual schedule, but with a very serious mindset. We like to have fun, but fun for us is clearing content. Expect chain pulling, as little down time as possible and understand that spots in our guild are competitive. We log every raid, look over them and try to make sure everyone is pulling their weight. You must be okay with some constructive criticism.

Please be geared/gemmed/enchanted appropriately.

Logs would be great. We are not going to turn away someone who is great because they don't necessarily fit what we need... we are pretty open minded.

Please respond here if interested, or look for me online with Trypticon. Please send me in game mail or a PM with your real ID so I can get in touch with you ASAP.