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    Highest DPS spec for Hunters

    Noxxic is saying that Surv is better than BM by just a little. Although everyone I ask has said BM is way better than Survival. Which is ultimately better?

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    Whichever one you play better.

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    Survival for add fights, AoE, 5-mans, and pet-unfriendly encounters. BM for single-target encounters that are melee friendly (your pet is basically a melee DPS).

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    Quote Originally Posted by oplawlz View Post
    Whichever one you play better.
    Agree. Not a huge difference, just play whatever you like to play and you'll be fine.

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    Both are good, but i prefer marksmenship

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    Femaledwarf.com puts me at 103k as SV and 108k BM single target with the 4 pc. The 2 pc and 4 pc set bonuses both do more for BM than SV.

    However, SV outdoes BM on some fights for various reasons (most notably, aoe, though any down time for your pet also hurts BM more). At raidbots.com you can compare how most SV hunters do against most BM hunters (or top 100 parses) on each encounter to see which spec is more likely to produce better results given you play each spec equally well (although there is some sampling bias). Gear them the same (exp + hit to cap > crit > mast > haste).

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    Honestly, they are pretty close, I normally like SV better but I feel that CD usage is much more horrible to fit into the rotation as SV than BM, I know I personally lose some damage as SV because I'm not very good at working around casting AMoC and shit like that without BW. I sim more and do more as BM for single target, which is still slightly superior, but 4 piece is also a lot better for BM which helps it out. For multi-target fights SV is definitely the winner, however.

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    It's true, you do more dps with the spec you feel that you are comfortable to play with.
    I for example i am comfortable to play survival, i have tried the other specs but i just don't feel right and i can't do the same dps as i do with survival. So even if they nerf survival to the ground i will continue playing as survival.
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