Hey. I asked this in the RP forums but not gotten much like, so figured I'd try here.

Recently, the developer of the roleplay addon, Total RP 2, said he would quit anymore updates to the addon and the last update was the final one. This put me off since TRP2 is one of my favourite RP addons to use, given the customization and features it uses.

Anyway, that was a few weeks ago, and yet yesturday, I got an ingame message that a new version of TRP2 was now available to download (the current one was 1017, the new version advertised was 1018). So I thought hey, maybe the developer decided to update it anyway, or maybe someone else took the addon and decided to carry on his work. I haven't read anything of it.

So I updated it, didn't see anything different at first. On my main account (Argent Dawn EU) it's working fine and no issues. However, I have a second account joined to my main account, so all addons are shared between them, and for some reason TRP2 doesn't function on any character on my second account.

I've tired looking over any differences in interface options, all marks are ticked, everything is the same on either account, yet it only functions for one, not the other. Its annoying since the developer is so hard to reach, and curse.com doesn't have an open inquiry page.

anyone have this issue if your using it?