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    Frost Mage (PvP) need help!

    right so im starting to play my mage but im having issues.

    after my pet freeze and nova and orb and deep i can't do any dmg.

    i mean lets say a duel, people will get out of my first and prob second freeze and i have to wait 20 seconds for them.

    any help on how to effectivly dps as a mage in pvp?

    Love //SeifCham/AlltidSeiff

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    get frostbomb and time it so it will explode when the target is frozen or in a deepfreeze.
    try and frost nova ppl so the can't move away from ya orb.
    use alter time when the manage to get some dps off on you. or when you have 2x fingers of frost and you need the dps.

    other then that you need to remember mages are a controle class that revolves around bursty dmg.

    also if you want you can try nether tempest seeing i heard it procs more FFB then frost bomb and it's instant cast.
    still for me this means less burst dmg and thats key to getting those damm healers down.

    little tip tho. when you nova them try to use ya frost nova and get some distance. then save ya pet freeze and deep freeze and just wait and see if he pops his trinket.
    if he does hes toest. you can just frostbomb him then petfreeze and deepfreeze with orb and do a ton of burst.
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    so, mages are really only supposed to do dmg with nova/deep/petfreeze?

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    Quote Originally Posted by seifcham View Post
    so, mages are really only supposed to do dmg with nova/deep/petfreeze?

    Yeah, thats how it works.

    All of your damage will be done against frozen targets or via FoF/Brain Freeze. Speaking 1v1, if you dont have procs up you're basically just running and stopping damage on yourself and waiting for freeze CDs. In arena there's more you can do to fill this time like spellsteal and cast sheeps etc but in duels it probably seems like theres time when you wont be doing any damage at all.

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