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    Spammable Flying Serpent Kick macro?

    Hi all is there a spammable macro that could be made for Flying Serpent Kick? I spam my buttons a lot so I often accidentally end my kick immediately after it started.


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    /cast !Flying Serpent Kick

    Woops, may have got my kicks mixed up... try that
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    Goes to use Flying Serpent Kick.

    Starts Crane Kicking.

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    I don't think there is one. You must have self control!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dumbfoundead View Post
    /cast !Spinning Crane Kick

    No, it's not possible to make a spammable FSK macro. There is however an option in your Interface options that prevents you from using certains spells twice in a row when you spam it. Like when you go in stealth you don't immediately get out of stealth without using a macro. Can't remember which option it is though...

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    Doh, using ! doesn't work and struggling to find the option to disable. Will keep looking though!

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