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    any recommended youtube videos for Brewmasters?

    what up!

    i've been leveling my monk and really liking the brewmaster playstyle. im almost there to 90 and i figure i use this time to brush up on some stuff. on my warrior i use to watch youtube vids about tanking and pvp. like what macros to use, addons, examples of what spell abilities to use, game mechanic tips etc.

    anyone know of some good youtube videos/channels for pve BM or monks in general? i've searched already and viewed some of the popular results but haven't really gotten anything out of them. just figure i ask here for some better resources.


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    I have a little thing called the Elusive Brew... haven't updated it in a while but it's some videos discussing what stuff you should do.

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    Here you are:

    Heroic T14 content BrM POV http://www.youtube.com/user/BrewsleeArrakis/videos

    Challenge modes BrM POV http://www.youtube.com/user/Nerthech/videos

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    thanks for the links. they helped alot

    didn't realize you're the author of the bm sticky (TheMadgod). had i finished reading the sticky i would have seen your signature. lol. it was also in the podcast sticky as well. i have no idea why i didn't check that in the first place.

    anyway, your podcast was exactly what i was looking for!

    so bump to the thread cuz your new podcast

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    Hehe yeah the bottom lines are pretty much just fluff.

    And I'm glad to be of service!

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