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    [A] Kamuflasjefylla 25m - Ravencrest 14/16HC Recruiting players!

    Kamuf' is a guild formed in January 2007, at the release of TBC expansion. Despite the Norwegian name, the guild is comprised of people from all over Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. We are an english speaking guild, both ingame and on ventrilo.

    We are currently recruiting the following classes:
    Druid - Feral (low)
    Druid - Balance (med)
    Death Knight (med)
    Shaman - Elemental (high)
    Shaman - Enhancement (high)
    Warlock (med)
    Rogue (low)
    Warrior (low)
    Paladin - Retribution(med)

    Druid - Resto (low)
    Monk - Mistweaver (med)
    Paladin - Holy (med)
    Priest - Disc/Holy (med)
    Shaman - Resto (high)

    However we are always on the lookout for good players, so if your class / spec isn't listed and you think you have what it takes, then drop us an application.

    * You're required to have TWO raiding professions if you wish to apply to the guild.
    * You're required to have an excellent understanding of your class. This includes reading websites like Arena Junkies, Elitist Jerks and MMO-Champion regularly to make sure you're up to date with all class changes, rotations and itemisation to maximise your performance in raids.
    * You're required to be up to date with all encounters in current and upcoming content patches.
    * You're required to have experience with raiding end game content in any of the expansions. If you don't have the experience than we won't hold that against you. But it may affect the length of your trial.
    * You're required to attent atleast 80% of our raids.
    * You're required to bring the correct consumables, enchants, spec, glyphs, gemming and attitude to every single raid to enable you to perform at your best.
    * You're required to have Ventrilo 3.0 installed. A working microphone will also help in your application.
    * You're required to have a computer that can handle fights without running at 5 fps all the time.
    * You're required to have a stable internet connection that won't jump to 300 ms during raid times or randomly disconnect every raid.
    * You're required to have fun.

    Raid times
    Raiding 4 days a week during progression and 3 days during farm content.

    Sunday - Raiding 1900 to 2300.
    Monday - Raiding 1900 to 2300.
    Tuesday - Raiding 1900 to 2300.
    Wednesday - Alt raids / Fun runs / Free time.
    Thursday - Raiding 1900 to 2300.
    Friday - Alt raids / Fun runs / Free time.
    Saturday - Free time.

    Other Information
    Loot System
    DKP system currently in place with strict rules to avoid abuse.
    Loot council can be used occasionaly when intervention is required.

    The guild is currently based on Ravencrest which has roughly a 3:1, Alliance to Horde ratio and high server population. The economy is stable with a good ratio of supply and demand. There are also a lot of PuG groups avilable for a wide variety of content.

    If you wish to learn more and join our progressive raid team, then go to the following link: http://www.kamuf.org/

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    bump, still looking for good players to join our roster

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    bump, still looking for good players to join our roster

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    Looking for players still to join us in last part of T14 progression, and also for T15. Apply now whilst places are available.

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    Bump, killed protectors hc last night, now at 13/16 hc, still looking for players, apply now

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    Bump, empress killed a few weeks back, 14/16 hc progress. We are still desperate for shamans, so if your looking for a good progress, stable guild then send us an application. Also note our website is down tonight, will be up again tomorrow.

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    bump, site back up.

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