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    Holy/Disc POV Raidtest stream

    Does anyone know a stream of a top healing priest for the ptr?

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    define "top"
    You can try my stream if u want. My Guild is world ~100 and i have lots of top WoL rankings ...

    The Stream link is: twitch. tv/puhmii

    I have lots of VODs from previous raids like yesterdays Tortos PTR attempts + kill in Disci POV
    kill: twitch. tv/puhmii/c/1884374

    I will not stream the ptr raids today, since tomorrow is my last exam, but every following PTR raids

    follow me on twitch :P

    Puhmii - Eleven - EU-Onyxia

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    Keyboard Turner
    Says it all!

    Oh and
    define "top"
    as in not you :P

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    Have VOD(s) for all heroic bosses and the PTR. (Guild World Rank 141)

    It is certainly not ''top'' but its something.
    3 manning all Challenge Modes on GOLD! - Youtube.com/MyCelar

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    Thank you guys. Both stream are definitely more than enough.

    Puhmi, I think I know you from the german forums :P

    edit: Soo, there is a bug on PTR that makes your spells to not burn up your IF buff?
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    Flash heal consumes IF, but GH and PoH do not.

    Its a great bug for encounter testing (because you survive longer), but not so great for testing the disci changes.

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    Unfortunately you used this bug in your streams so I can't compare with other healer :/

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    i run my stream during tests mostly for guildies who aren't in at the time, but anyone is welcome to watch.
    I'm Dailybreeze of Unholy Trinity-Burning Blade if you need credentials.

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