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    Pet Battle- Exploit?

    Is queueing with a friend for PvP PET battles (As in both queue at the same time with the same lvl pets) against the rules?
    No one else was popping up in the queue so I kept getting the same guy, after a wile he just quit when my line of pets appeared and I still got all the xp. Got me wondering if one could get a friend to queue, might be a quicker way to lvl pets up.

    It seemed innocent enough wouldnt want to get in trouble for it.

    ( I apologize if there was already a similar post, couldnt find any)

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    im sure you can and that it is against the rules but i dont see blizz cracking down on queue exploiters in petbattles
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    Having a friend queue against you and deliberately lose is effectively the same as win trading in pvp. But there isnt gear/titles available from pet battles (is there?) so I doubt blizz would take action against it.

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    Considering that winning a pet battle doesn't really get you anything I doubt Blizzard will really take action against you. This seems like one of those things they'll try to prevent but won't punish people for doing it.

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    It's definitely against the rules to deliberately do it. So if you do, you should be aware that you could potentially be punished for it.

    It is as others have suggested, probably quite unlikely that anything serious would happen, as pet battles aren't a big deal or going to be carefully watched for such things... but if you decide to do it, there's still a risk involved.

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    Yeah. It seemed in innocent enough as no actual rewards are involved but rather not risk it for something as silly as pet battles.

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    When you guys say that no actual rewards are involved, are you forgetting that Pet Battles will award lesser charms in the next patch?

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    Was not aware of that

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