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    Purchasable Cosmetic Sets?

    There is a lot of unused armor artwork that has existed for several tier and season sets. Let me show you a few examples.

    Death Knight - Tier 11

    Notice that a green version exists. Yet this set has never been used.

    Let us look at another example.

    Warlock - Tier 11

    There are two alternative versions that have not seen use in-game.

    Wouldn't it make sense for Blizzard to incorporate these set designs in the game in some way? Perhaps in the form of cosmetic armor that may be purchased with either gold or justice/honor points, depending on where the set originated from. Providing multiple payment options would be vital, as it can act as either a gold sink or as an investment of time.

    But let's not restrict this to unused armor designs. There are some designs that have been present throughout WoW, particularly NPCs, that would make for suitable player-acquirable sets.

    Example - Baron Rivendare

    Refitting his armor and making it available for death knights seeking to look more akin to the older generation would not require very much effort, yet provide another area to dump gold and/or time in for players.

    There are other examples throughout WoW that may be listed, provided that they make sense for a certain class.

    Overall, what do you guys think of this idea?

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    I believe Blizzard is very pleased with the Transmogrification feature so far and has stated they do want to pursue other avenues of obtaining gear that is no longer obtainable as well as rewarding gear meant for "Transmogging".

    I think vendors are a reasonable method for additional art models just it would have to be... gated somehow. In a way that it can't simply be purchased with gold solely for "Transmog", I believe Blizzard's reasoning would be to make certain gear obtainable in a way that creates variety in the art models players use for their gear.

    Personally I wouldn't mind seeing color variations that we've seen datamined from the past that weren't assigned to the respective gear become available for transmogrification. Might liven things up.

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    The green DK tier 11 could have possibly been the LFR color but they didnt do LFR unitll DS just my guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by doerksen View Post
    The green DK tier 11 could have possibly been the LFR color but they didnt do LFR unitll DS just my guess
    or the non-tier set, also there was a blue T12 Paladin set when looks weird...

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    I'm more interested in certain NPC or faction armor & weapons, like shields with the symbol of each faction, purchasable after you hit Exalted with them.
    Like the 'Royal Crest of Lordaeron' from CoT, which is indeed a nice example.
    Or the Alliance Heroic (& 50 tries?) caster sword from Anub'arak in ToC. This sword was so badass, with the golden lion - which is THE symbol of the alliance - being part of the sword's hilt.. Too bad I'm a Warrior.
    BTW is this sword still available?

    Anyway, the white/blue Warrior T10-set Muradin is wearing would be cool, yes
    Or the Silver Paladin Tier 2 set which the female Justicar is wearing right outside of the Valiance Keep in Borean Tundra.

    Darnassus Sentinel armor for my female night elf hunter? Yes please
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