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    Need with Multidotting

    Guys is need your Help.

    For me it just feels that it's more efficient DPS wise to just keep my full rotation on one target instead of dotting 2 or 3 targets and be switching all the time to keep up the dots.

    Fights Like Will excluded cause the boss mechanic requires to keep dots on almost everything and i just have to make the best out of it.

    Can you give me ur Opinions or "Test Results"? Maybe someone even has some hard numbers for me!
    Would be great guys!
    Thanks in advance

    Greetz Kirga

    Edit: The title misses a help -.-

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    If you are good at multi-dotting. It is going to be a dps increase.

    Is that what you are asking?

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    is this a troll?

    edit: multi-dotting will always be a dps increase

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    Multi-dot it's a dps increase in any situation, eg: Stone Guards, Spirit Kings, Elegon. On Will of Emperor if you multi-dot everything and don't let dots fade from bosses, you'll do around 130-140k on 25 men. Garalon, Meljarak, Amber-Shaper, Shekzeer, Sha of Fear.

    Like you can see most of the fights on this tier are multi-dot fights.

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