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    Question I'm "too far away"

    Wasn't sure where to post but I have a problem. I'm not sure if it's just computer and/or internet problem but when i'm in bg's and arena i'm on top of players pressing my ability's and I get the error "You are too far away". Just looking for insight on what might be the issue. tyvm

    PS. I been using the same computer seen BC.

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    Only thing I can think of is a latency issue, what's your MS at these points in gameplay vs. idling in a city?
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    Its normally around 50-85 ms in both game play and city's.

    Sometimes can spike up to 100-300.

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    Possibly an addon messing around, try just moving your addon, cache and WTF folders to somewere else on the computer and try it again just to eliminate that if your latency is below 100 shouldn't affect you unless everyone else you encounter have a really high latency. If that doesn't work I really have no clue.
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    Hmm... May be slight on your side if we say you spike in BG's since you are interacting with other connection points (players) through the server. Though there may be two other reasons. Your opponant is lagging so much that he/she is "jumping" along the field. Since the BG's doesn't have a PING controller. And 3rd thing is the same as the 2nd, but on purpose. Some abuses the lack of ping control and makes themselves operate lowered so that they can avoid most problems due to their latency.

    Always a handy advice, keep all addons updated as well. Some have nasty side effects if not updated. Try researching as said, with moving your addons for a bit to see.
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