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    setellite map of Sandy Hook school

    This is Sandy Hook school map from setelite. It is at the end of a road, so no passers-by would go there except the students and their family members. Do you have any opinion when you saw this map?

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    This shit again?
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    Nope, no opinion.

    I don't really see the point of this... it's old news now and nothing to really discuss.

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    I'm really starting to wonder if the OP has some sort of 'ban fetish'. I bet it makes them feel naughty.
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    it dont know what you want from this thread, but it will just get locked.
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    That they should have built the school near industrial zones to increase their tech levels? 0o Sorry too much simcity :S

    I don't get what you are trying to say? That they should have built the school in the way so if a shooting did happen people could help?

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    You've created this exact thread before. We're not allowing these threads.


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