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    502 Blood DK and 505 Resto Shaman (both 13/16H) Looking for guild

    Hi! I'm an experienced blood DK with a 502 iLevel and 13/16H experience (6/6 MV, 6/6 HOF, 1/4 TOS). I've been playing a blood DK since wrath, and have been playing WoW since vanilla. My current guild is falling apart, and therefore I am looking for a new guild.

    I am available after 6 PST Mon-thurs, and would prefer a 25 man guild, but would consider 10 man guilds if they're exceptional. I have experience raiding both sizes at heroic levels.

    I'm also currently looking for a guild that will accept my 505 ilevel 13/16H resto shaman friend. We've both raided together for a long time, and make a good tank/healer team.

    If you are interested, please post your spam and give me a way to contact you. I have logs handy if you wish to see them, both for myself and the resto shaman.

    Thanks in advance for reading, have a nice day!

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    Currently <Dark Resolve> is recruiting for our late night raid on Tues-Wed-Thu-Sun from 11 PM (PST/Server time)- 3 AM. We are currently:

    6/6 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
    6/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
    3/4 Heroic Terrace of Endless Spring

    We will continue to push content as fast as it is released. Without going into a whole long post, we are looking for players who meet our criteria:

    -Optimized in all aspects of your character (gear, talent, glyphs, etc). Showing that you care enough to do this shows us that you care enough to take raids seriously.
    -Patience. Wipes happen, sometimes they're my fault, sometimes they're yours. They also fall under the old adage "Practice makes perfect". We'll kill it, and wipes are a part of that process.
    -Maturity. Age isn't so much a factor as maturity is. We curse, we joke around with each other, and we have a good time. Having a sense of humor goes along with this.
    -Attendance. Being a 10 man guild attendance is very important. Emergencies happen, but if they stop you from making 90% of our raids, then it may be a good idea to look at other times.

    As far as loot goes we use a 3 man Loot Council awarding loot based on the overall need of the raid. If you believe that raiding is for gearing up the individual then you probably would not fit well with us. Since most of our recruits are transfers we believe that the transfer is enough to demonstrate a desire to continue to raid with us, so there is no "trial" period as far as loot is concerned. From the moment you start raiding with us you are eligible for loot.

    Sound like you fit? Great! Feel free to post on these forums, add my Real ID or Battletag Vanden#1251, or find me in game! Generally I like to also pull potential recruits into vent with myself and one or two of our raiders to get a feel for each other.

    We are currently recruiting:
    -Resto Shaman with DPS off spec
    -Blood Death Knight
    -Protection Paladin
    -Protection Warrior
    -Druid Guardian/Resto

    NOTE: We are not recruiting projects or undergeared people. Please have current raid tier experience as well as the ability to jump right into progression and compete with your fellow raiders.

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    Hey there, consider us?
    We're looking for a skilled Blood Death Knight as well as a strong Restoration Shaman for our 10 man progression core. These are immediate core positions.

    <Subtle Insanity> US-Stormreaver Horde
    Raid Times: Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sun 8:30-11:30pm CST(server time)
    Progression: 16/16N - 10/16H
    Previous Tiers: 7/7H FL - 8/8H DS
    Website: subtle-insanity.enjin.com
    Full Thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...16H-10-man-LFM!

    Battle Tag: Ziemia#1835
    If you are interested please contact me. Hope to hear from you!

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    Hi! My guild (16/16H 10 man, U.S. 21st this tier) is looking for a DK and a shaman, but the roles we're looking for are a DK DPS and a shaman HEALER/DPS SWINGER. I apparently can't post links because I haven't used the forums yet, so I'll copy and paste our recruitment thread and wowprogress info.

    Wowprogress (schedule and about us):

    Modest is made up of a small, close knit group of skilled raiders looking to push the envelope on strict 10 man progression. Many of us come with experience of World / US top 10 kills previously in 25 and now 10 as well, and are seeking to continue that consistent high level of competition in the 10 man scene.
    Raid Schedule / Times
    Our current schedule is Sunday - Thursday, 7PM - Midnight (PST) with a little flexibility when / if needed.

    Thread info:
    Who we are looking for:
    - We are looking for players who can attend most if not all of our raids; we aren't looking for backups/benchwarmers.
    - We are looking for players who adapt quickly to new fight mechanics and can think on their feet.
    - We are also looking for players who know their class, know how to optimize their gear/talents/glyphs and can bring their full class potential to raids.
    - Finally, yes, we are looking for big numbers. Whether it is healing or damage we need players who can bring the numbers expected of cutting edge Heroics.
    If you are interested and think you have what it takes to raid with us send in an application by following the Guild Website link at the bottom and filling out a recruitment application.
    Our raid schedule is Sunday through Thursday 7:00pm - 12:00am PST during Progression. Tuesday and Wednesday once Progression is over.
    -We are currently 16/16 Heroic with the notable US first 10man Heroic Vizier Zor'lok kill.

    In game you can contact Nalp or me, though I’m not an officer. My battle tag is Dcat#1238

    I hate these forums so please use battle tag to contact me! Please also include a note when you add me. Hope to talk to you soon! Also, sorry for all the spam-I usually like to just post links, but I can't because I'm a new user to the forums.

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    Encore is a top 100 US guild on Illidan(Chicago-Server - CST). We are back in the top ten of 25 man guilds on Illidan looking to push even higher as MoP progresses.

    6/6H MV
    5/6H HoF
    1/4H ToES

    High Need:
    Tank - immediate need

    Shadow Priest
    WW Monk
    MW Monk
    Elly Shaman
    Resto Shaman

    Our schedule is as follows:
    Sun - off
    Mon - 8-11p
    Tues - 8 - 11p
    Wed - 8 - 11p
    Thurs - 8 - 11p
    Fri - off
    Sat - off

    We do alt runs and BG nights in our off-time. Encore is not just a guild to raid with, it's a family where even former members are still active on our forums. We also have members playing other games in their downtime such as BF3, League of Legends, D3, and GW2.

    Feel free to contact an officer for more information or visit us at encoreraiding.enjin.com

    Contact us tonight asap we may have a need for today.

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