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    Everything is fast but youtube

    So I have a pretty decent internet with 15 megabytes down, and everything around the internet goes silky smooth untill I go to youtube.

    But it's not always like this, it's only during random times of the day and sometimes it gets so bad, I can't even watch 360p quality without me having to wait for it to buffer. And if I go to a streaming site, I can watch a +720p stream no problem. Hell I can even have multiple +720p streams up at the same time.

    What can be causing this?

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    It's just YouTube being lame right now.

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    I have the same issue sometimes. But when i skip two minutes ahead in a vid, it buffers lightning fast. It gets pretty annoying.

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    If you are using chrome that might be one issue. Yeah, go figure. Googles own product has trouble with their own sites.

    Also Youtube has issues itself. Just gotta deal with it.

    Other thing is that your chrome might have 2 flash addons still. It can cause some issues, heres how to disable it http://www.howtogeek.com/103292/how-...google-chrome/
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    youtube does have occasional issue from time to time it could having a hiccup right now.
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    China is back on Youtube. That is the cause of it's slowness. No jokes.

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    been having the exact same problems lately, started 1-2 weeks ago. It's only affecting youtube..

    I have 85mb down so that is not the problem.
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