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    Just because a class sims higher doesnt mean you cant out dps that class. Skill>Class 90% of the time.
    Well clearly that dk has more skills and does more dmg cause he is take to raids and pala is being benched . I wonder why ur beating dead horse - its clear now that retri and few other peopel are benched cause core squad changed and they arent in it and untill spot opens for them they will be benched for the figth which can bring gear for more squad and will be take for farming content that doesnt bring new gear to core -_-

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    Which is why I simply told him to play better to get in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Runewrath View Post
    In a competitive guild such as mine, there are still your good players and your better players. The better players perform better regardless of the class they're playing. Meaning its not uncommon to see either our ele shaman, ret paladin(me), or spriest in top 3 on fights. Don't assume just because a class is better that someone can play it at that level.
    predictable reply. You can't have it both ways though. Either they're pulling their weight, or they're better players who are better off in a better guild. And, I don't know about ret, but if your spriest is able to top the meters on any of the first 4 bosses in HoF (or heck, even last boss) then the rest is doing something very, very wrong and that's certainly not the median either. Which isn't happening in a guild which is 16/16 H. What is happening, is that there's a few fights where shadow is indeed mediocre to good and is able to compete if played well and others not playing their role as well as they normally do. Those are just statistical flukes though, or, like I said these players could play in a much better guild.

    That said if you're benched playing better does increase your chances, as well as vice versa.
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