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    5.2 WW weapon enchant

    with all the talk about rune or re-organization has anyone considered the possiblity of using windsong over dancing steel again, iirc the uptime for windsong is about the same as dancing steel. I am curious if it is included in the stat calculation for the trinket and if it may be worth it to say go for example 5k haste/crit and 6501 mastery so no matter what even if procs are up mastery is still our highest stat for the trinket proc. Also windsong procs after the trinket proc may also lessen the actual dps loss while the trinket proc is up.

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    It would only ever be a good idea if the stars align which is part of what the trinkets and tigerseye is all about at the moment. Adding more would make it a mess, but could provide a good result. Who knows more math still needs to be done before any judgements can be made.

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