We are: A newly established Level 9 Horde Guild with people who somehow still enjoy this game after playing it way too much over the years. We've all grown up on wow, "grown up" being the keywords, and now we want to bring others into our fold.

We're looking to build our corporate family for eventual RBG, Raids, and Challenge Modes. We have people who play in every time zone, but MST... but is that even a real time zone anyways?... so raids will try to be scheduled around what time works for the most people.

You are: An awesome unemployed horde raider, pvper or casual player looking for work. Need 1-2 solid tank, 1-2 uber healers, and 37 soliuber dps to fill our core raid group. Our goal is to get everyone into the raids, progression or not. Even if that means I, the mighty GM, must step out and spend my night on reddit.
You're also 18 and older.

Benefits: Epic Loot, Guild Repairs, Access to all professions and good times.

Contact either Me, Jupiterjazz, or Arvion for more info. If we're not on then just whisper anyone in the guild to find us. If no one is on, then why aren't you already in the guild to fix that?