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    Quick weapon/spec question in regards to Garalon HC

    Hey hey,

    Got a quick question in regards to what weapon / spec to choose against Garalon HC, which me and my guild are progressing atm.

    I normally run SMF with Elegion HC and Kil'rak NHC both are twice upgraded.

    For Garalon since it is a cleavefeast I'm thinking bout TG with HC starshatter and normal starshatter , both not upgraded.
    Or even Arms with my HC starshatter.

    Question is what weapons/spec will give me more dps on garalon and maybe on windlord hc aswell!

    Any thoughts on the matter are much apretiated!

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    Go SMF
    Sure the extra cleave from RB(meatcleaver) is nice and all but taking into account that your weapons are alot better as SMF and that you will see quite a few executes throughout the fight then SMF will be alot better.
    I haven't checked to see what other TG-warriors are doing on that fight, but me as SMF does 221k dps (10manHC).

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    221 dps using meatcleaver for rb to hit the boss aswell or just normal rotation on the legs? And are u doing the legs on your own or is another meleee supporting u?

    Thanks for the answer aswell

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    Using meatcleaver as much as possible but no WW inside CS-windows and I belive I had 49% of the total raid damage on legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zcorn View Post
    Using meatcleaver as much as possible but no WW inside CS-windows
    Note that a Fury TG should use WW inside CS-windows (instead of WS, I mean, obv not instead of RB), hence having more RB with 1 stack of Meat Cleaver.
    If your weapons were of same ilvl, I'm not sure SMF is better than TG.

    But yeah, as Zcorn said, your 1-hand weapons are far better, so go SMF.

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