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    This... This is the Warlock way!


    Btw i have aura for track skull banner and stormlash totem, but I didn't understand why we should track those 2 spells... They're more strong the our proc's? Jade Spirit, Lightweave, Inner Brilliance? I guess not... I really don't see why we should track those 2 spells... Only way it's those spells being more strongs then our proc's otherwise i see no reason to spend a shard on it or dump fury.

    I really need a explantion here.. thanks

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    Skull Banner is a very large buff to our Chaosbolt and (fates willing) SB, and as such, is a great time to dump embers.
    As for Stormlash, I don't think that there is any change in rotation or priority on our part. Is there something we can do to proc it more? RoF?

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    Any damage you do, any damage, will take advantage of Stormlash. But I don't know if it's worth using a RoF only for the small extra numbers the Stormlash will bring.
    Luckily, our shaman always pop it in the beginning when Im shooting fully buffed Chaos Bolts.

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    I keep RoF up situationally anyway. I'm just thinking that it ticks pretty fast, so lots of proc chances?
    Other then that, I can't think of how else to capitalize on Stormlash.

    I'm going to go reread its tool tip to make sure I'm thinking about it correctly.

    It procs for a set amount of damage right? Not a % of the spell that procs it?

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    It must be a % of the damage you do with a spell.
    For sometimes it does 50-60k on Chaos Bolts and the likes. And sometimes it does ac ouple of hundred on immolate ticks.

    Not sure how it actually works though.

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