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    intel HD 4000 Graphics on LOL ?

    i have recently sent back a faulty graphics card to amazon for a refund so its going to be like another 5 days or so until i have gotten a new one. LOL will not work with the intel HD 4000 graphics chip at 1920x1080 resoultion believe it or not, but would it work if i went and got a 1440x900 monitor from my friends house do you think ?

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    If it doesn't work due to incompatibility, it will not work on any resolution. You sure the game isn't expecting you have the graphics card still installed? Maybe try to reinstall it?

    If "will not work" means it's too slow to play then using 1440x900 could fix it. Or you could just turn the game settings lower.
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    sorry i must not of explained well enough, i can run the game at 1920x1080 but i get like 10fps, i was wondering if it will be good with a monitor that has the max resolution as 1440x900, my bad;P

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    Why not simply run the game at a lower resolution on your current monitor?
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    because then it doesnt fit the full screen, its like their is a border around the edges which is rather annoying

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    Instead of asking us the question why not try running it at a lower resolution and see how it runs. If it runs fine then borrow your friend's monitor...
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    You can easily answer your own questions....

    You don't like the border around the screen when you lower the resolution? That's not the point of changing your resolution.
    You're going to set it to a lower resolution to see the performance on the game. That will give you an idea if the other monitor will work or not.

    Claiming you've already tried it, don't like the borders and still have no idea whether that resolution is supported is a bit awkward. Your gpu doesn't care what monitor is at the end of your cable, it cares about the resolution it has to pump through the cable.

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    I've ran LoL on an Intel HD 4000 for quite a while with no problems. I use a 1920x1200 resolution (may have used 1920x1080 for awhile as well and probably used 1650x1050 too before it broke) with high settings and no shadow. I used full screen most of the time but I did use window mode to get a 1920x1080 reso on my 1920x1200 monitor for a short time with no problems. (you can actually see more with 1920x1080 on LoL)

    Average FPS was 60, would see it drop to 40 once in awhile but gameplay felt very stable. The only time I really had FPS issues was after some update which caused it to become quite unstable for a couple of weeks.
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