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    2 questions, setting sync and my buff durations


    First of all I was wondering if the command /console synchronizeSettings was account wide or character wide. I normally use different binds when I have to play on my laptop (ctrl key is broken ) and wanted to know whether I'd have to type the command in on every one of my chars or if just typing it in once works.

    My second question is about my Buff/Debuff duration in game, it basically isn't there. I currently have to hit my /script SHOW_BUFF_DURATIONS="1"
    macro every single time I log in and after doing a /reload and it gets quite annoying at times when I forget to do it and I can't see the duration of a debuff I have on etc.

    I've tried everything, from doing what the GMs on the forums say deleting my WTF, Interface folders, deleting my Cache etc. I remember there used to be a setting to toggle it on and off but I've looked everywhere and I can't find it at all. This "bug" started since the pre-mop 5.0 patch hit live servers and I haven't been able to fix it since.

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    CVars are saved in WTF\Config.WTF. They apply to all characters on your account.
    As for buff durations, I'm not sure, there might be a var for that in WTF\Config.WTF too. Check there. Make sure your WoW is exited all the way before you do or any changes you make won't stick.
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    Ask a GM to reset/erase ALL the settings/config they have saved/stored (about your account) on their servers - a GM has done this for me and it has fixed a lot of those "disobedient UI" issues.

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    There was nothing in the Config.WTF so I just made a ticket about what Aleksej said, hopefully that fixes it.

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