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    Leveling a warrior with pvp in mind

    Hey guys
    I have been leveling a warrior now for a few days. He's currently level 21 and up! Here is my sepc...


    Hows does that look for an Arms spec? I wanna world PVP while leveling. Here is my profile as well.


    I plan to respec him into my other spec here soon if I stay with Arms. My other question is what should a Fury build look like? Is it better in PVP while leveling? I hear it has less down time. I also have 2 BOA 1H swords. Is that better until I get TG? I'm a bit lost on the Fury spec on terms on the needs while leveling. Anyways thanks for any advice!
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    You forgot the heirloom cloak

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    Yes I did. I am getting that this week!

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    shock wave is much much better then BS,pick it up.i also like safe guard better then MSr.a 30 sec root breaker is way to good to pass up.avatar and SB are both better for pvp over blood bath. juggernaut and double time is just what you like better,get the same results more or less with both.myself i like stag shout,apply hamstring then use it,its like have our old hamstring root back.stick with that reaper axe you got,its best while leveling up and you get the racial form it.
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    Thank you Meathead. Other than the fact that you got ban! Anyways so I'm now level 50 and loving arms so far. Is there any videos about arms pvp? Mainly for 5.1/5.2? I have a DK and plan to pvp with the warrior even with the nerfs! I'm just having a good time. Also what stance should arms use? Do you stance dance at all? Anymore information would be awesome! Thanks guys. (Also my profile is linked up above in my first post if you wanna take a look at it.)

    PS. One more thing....What glyphs are good? PVP glyphs. even though I am leveling I am still learning while I level. also how does my spec look?)

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    Here is an arms spec with glyphs and all that I am thinking of.


    tell if I could change anything!

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    First tier, I use Warbringer for PvP, although I used Jug for leveling, so up to you. If you are PvPing while you levelyou may want to switch.

    Third tier, I use disrupting shout. Good for the pesky frost mages who root you and laugh while they free cast.

    Fifth tier, I use Mass Spell Reflect. Safeguard is just as viable, and is a little better if you intend on being a flag carrier.

    For glyphs, I would replace Death from Above with Rude Interruption, that's just a preference though, I took more damage over more mobility. Minor glyphs, I would get rid of Intimidating Shout, the idea with the fear in PvP is to get them to run away from you or your target. You fear your target and their healer, you don't want the healer to come out of fear right next to your target or you don't want fear to break from any kind of cleave or AoE ability.

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