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    Profession for a druid

    Hey guys

    I am almost 100% convinced that I will change my inscription to engineering. But anyway, I would very welcome another point of view, maybe you can see more pros or cons or have an idea for better profession. I am resto/balance (bear for fun), playing mostly balance last days. There are + and - of this change, as I see them :

    > gloves enchant which triggers trinket CD and cant be aligned to any of my burst CDs
    > I have INS for a long time (since it was released basically), I get used to it..
    > I have every single recive available in a game (which is nothing special now, unfortunately)
    > I would spend a lot of gold, as I really wont to farm matz - I prefer buying stuff from AH.

    > gloves burst enchant which I can align to dots.
    > new stuff, lots of recipes to drop
    > boots, belt enchant
    > I would be able to produce something which has a value (I stopped with cards after 1st darkmoon)
    > Finally I would have use for Spirits of Harmony (my second proff is Ench)

    What are your thoughts ?

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    For resto, the glove CD can be good with ToL, but becomes wasted in between that, unless you really want to micro-manage it or just bind it to something so it's always getting used. For balance, as long as you're not interrupting any on-use trinkets, I believe Engi is BiS. It certainly is a fun profession, and I very much enjoy it on the toons I have that have it but it can be expensive. If you don't mind the gold input, I would do it and would personally consider it worth it.
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    Man, I'd go for Engineering if only for the fun gadgets.

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    Inscription is a standard + stat prof. It is also the best gold making prof in game. During thr early week(s) of every expansion since WOTLK I've made enough profit to last me until the next. At the start of MOP decks were selling for 90k+ on my realm.

    Under 'cons' you say you can't line your glove tinker up with CDs, which is the opposite of true. You should be using on spell cast, not one use trinkets (assumign BIS for this tier) essence of cosmos + sha trinket (or more likely DMF Trinket). Meaning you can pop gloves with CDs, off CD, and then with CDs again.

    I would say that engineering is a good profession for any HC raider. The speed increase has a low malfunction rate which can be countered with your own abilities like NS + HT or barkskin but it is still worth having.

    As a boomkin the advantages of this profession are amplified by not only having the tinker on use for hard casting, but by refreshing dots before it runs out for an extended benefit. Also the boots allow you to travel a great distance in order to multi dot targets far apart to really min max dps (like on hc morchok for example)

    The only thing I can say is; played perfectly it will be a DPS increase, however, it will complicate your play style, and for many players they will benefit from the static stat boost from inscription. It really depends on personal skill.

    I spend alot of time playing RBGs, which are extremely fun as boomkin, however thats to Blizzard all tinkers are banned, meaning if you play alot of rbg or arena i would definately advise against engineering. However when you slump back to normal BGs you can have some amazing fun with speed boosts and goblin gliders.

    FYI my profs are engi/inscription, and I wouldn't change either of them. In your situation if you are determined to get engi, assuming you don't already have multiple scribes (I have 5) I'd be inclined to change enchanting. The thing that would make me decide if it is worth it or not is how many vanilla, tbc and wotlk recipes you have, although they can be farmed again they are the hardest to get. That being said, you could farm some low level mats and make 20-100 of each and hoard them in a bank for future if you decided to change.
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    Prefer LW/Engineering.

    LW because of cheap BoE's early in exp's and the cheap 500 int wrist enchant instead of the 180 one (which btw was not obtainable for a looooong time at the start of MoP). On a sidenote, I make, on my realm about 1600g every day from 3 minutes of daily Mote of Harmony farming and crafting leg enchants.

    Engineer because of the controlled throughput of Synapse Springs + the Nitro boost and the Glider can actually be very usefull in PvE even though the boost can fail and do like 90% damage to you over 10 sec (iirc).
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