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    Holy paladin 486

    I am not able to post battle net armory yet but i will update when i am able to do it
    Armory: Dzonik realm lightbringer

    I am currently looking for a decently progressed raiding guild that is able to have fun.

    About Me:
    I am currently main a 486 Holy paladin, with 1/6 MV. Its low but guilds i was in did not have raiding teams or their raiding time was bad for me. I am usual offline when thy raid on work or girl place so i am forced to find new guild or maybe new realm. I am looking for 10 man guild or team.

    I also raided during TBC (Illidian and ZA chest event were best then i stop until wrath) Wrath( best yogg+4 lights and Icc 10hc 11/12) and i skip Cata because i did not have time and money to play it
    Time Available:
    Because i am most time away in evening i am looking for guild who doing raids in this time:
    Monday and Friday 8 am-5 pm realm time
    Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8 am-2 pm realm
    Saturday and Sunday are tricky because i sometimes work during day

    I can transfer/faction change to any server.

    How to Contact:
    Post your recruiting information on this thread, send me a PM, or add my battletag: dzonik#2589
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    bump for new day

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