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    <Casually Dedicated> Reroll Progression Guild [Horde]

    We are now Inviting those who have signed into the guild! Whisper Aldesa or Aiyama for a guild invite. If you haven't signed up yet just leave a comment below like the others and then contact me in game.

    Please post on our thread on the EU Newcomers forum: eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6534813575?page=1#0

    We also now have a site. it's a work in progress but there are some things on the forum you may like to read. For those who have signed up please would you join the site as this will be a vital source of information for you. casually-dedicated.enjin.com/home

    <Casually Dedicated> Is a newly founded level cap reroll guild on Ragnaros Horde (Med-High pop realm. 50/50 Ally/Horde for those interested in the realm). We plan on creating a friendly guild environment while having fun and a laugh while redoing old content. We plan on doing all content in the correct order (so no skipping straight to ICC for example when we’re level 80). We also plan on doing 25man raiding all the way to MoP and wish to fill in as many of the spots as possible before we start raiding. The first cap will be at level 50 so people have a chance to catch up before we start the classic raids. We will be capped at level 50 for a week or two as new members join and catch up.

    We will also be farming content of each expansion before moving the cap up for things like loot drops, achievements and legendries. Legendries will be given to people of the closest related class, for example glaives will get given to rogues and monks before warriors as warriors do not need agility. Quest related legendries (like Ulduar and FL) will be discussed closer to the time.

    With loot it’s the normal MS>OS and /roll however there will be a loot council to try and make sure loot is spread evenly (to stop one person getting 5 bits of loot in one run while the other 4 people of the same gear type get none).

    We expect people in the guild to be mature while being able to have a laugh at the same time. We don’t have an age limit so people need to keep in mind that there may be younger players in the guild, however guild chat will not be “molly cuddled”.

    Raid days will be Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Times have yet to be decided.

    Not levelling past the cap, if you do you will not be allowed to raid.
    No using gear from the wrong expansion or you will also not be allowed to raid. (I.e. Not using Outlands gear while caped at level 60. Not even quest gear.)
    No Deathknights until we do WotLK content. Monks are allowed as long as you know there are no monk tier sets until MoP content.
    No use of PvP gear while raiding. There will be people in the guild who will be doing arena etc. however PvP gear is for PvP only. The PvP gear available out gears the raid gear in earlier content, which will make the raids even easier and take out some of the fun.
    There is no profession cap however you still can’t use things like Outland crafted items while raiding classic content.
    No heirlooms at all, not even while leveling. The closer members are to the same level, the more we can level together.
    No spamming guild chat, trolling, being rude or begging.
    Alts are allowed but they should also stay below the cap. This will mean you can switch which character you wish to raid on if your role is free.

    If you wish to join leave a comment below like this:
    Name: Aldesa (the character you will be playing)
    Class: Rogue
    Role: DPS

    You will be able to get a guild invite once you have signed up to the guild forums (once they are created which will be very soon. I will post the link up here once they are made. Between starting recruiting and the forums being made hopefully will give a chance for some people to sign up before we start levelling/raiding) Please sign up to the forums with your character name so we know it’s you. Once you have signed up to the forums whisper either myself (Aldesa), Hammerthawl or Aiyama and we will invite you to the guild.

    Feel free to leave your BattleTag and I will add you and keep you posted. For when the forums are up/invites start.

    Tank #1: Hammerthawl - Warrior
    Tank #2: Löpan - Warrior
    Healer #1: Aiyama - Pally
    Healer #2: Synsear - Priest
    Healer #3:
    Healer #4:
    Healer #5:
    Healer #6:
    DPS #1: Aldesa - Rogue
    DPS #2: Tessellate - Rogue
    DPS #3: Patchey - Monk
    DPS #4: Splinterr - Hunter
    DPS #5: Shamazon - Shaman (Ele)
    DPS #6: Sancka - Hunter
    DPS #7:
    DPS #8:
    DPS #9:
    DPS #10:
    DPS #11:
    DPS #12:
    DPS #13:
    DPS #14:
    DPS #15:
    DPS #16:
    DPS #17:
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    Bippity Bump!

    We will be recruiting more dps/healer that are currently listed in case we lose any as we go so if your spot is taken you can still sign up and I'll add you on. The first few raids are 40man anyway

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    There is now a class cap on rogues/hunters and ele shamans (main spec).

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    We've now started to invite those who have signed up. If you still wish to sign up leave a comment in the layout above and then contact me in game on Aldesa.

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