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    Chaos Bolt

    I've seen Destruction Warlocks do insane amount of DMG in the lvls 80-85 bracklet in PvE. How come? I know Crit increases CB crits, but mastery does too. What do you guys stack for it to do such insane numbers of dmg?

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    Chaos bolt isn't balanced around those levels there is no secret really. Dark soul buffs chaos bolt quite a bit though.
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    You won't learn that untill level 84 though. If i were to lvl a lock, and reach 80, should i stack mastery or crit for insane crits?

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    200mastery adds 1% damage,while 600 cri adds 1%

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    200mastery adds 1% damage,while 600 cri adds 1%
    isnt that for lvl 90s tho?
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