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  • Use it, I'd destroy every player and npc I came across

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  • Return it, I'd tell blizzard immediately because it's the right thing to do

    39 60.00%

Thread: Ethics in WoW

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    It would take the fun out of the game, since nothing would be challenging anymore, though I must admit I would mess around with it first and then give it back ;P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Combatbulter View Post
    It would take the fun out of the game, since nothing would be challenging anymore, though I must admit I would mess around with it first and then give it back ;P
    Using it in any way, shape or form would result in a ban if they catch you. You couldn't use it then return it and not be banned permanently. Blizzard have no middle ground on this issue.

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    Id return it, It wouldn't be worth being perma banned for something they will likely find out in a day or week.

    Now if they gave me something like that for my make a wish foundation wish or something, Id use it all the time.

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    Your poll lacks a third option. I would hold onto the shirt as a unique legendary no one else would have, and never use it. Chances are Blizzard would never figure out I had it, and I'm a collector. =)

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    I wouldn't abuse it for personal gain, no.
    If I somehow aquired GM powers though, I'd use those.... to temporarily become my server's dungeon master.

    Guess which world bosses just respawned in Duskwood, Hinterlands, Ashenvale and Feralaaaaas?
    Also they're lvl 93 now.
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Blood and Thunder!! Stormwind would be taken for the Horde!!! LOK'TAR OGAR!!!!

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    I value my account too much to use it, I would deffo report it straight away (even though I would love to run amok and kill everything in sight lol)

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    well if i got an item like that (before it was changed), i probally make sure i sent it back asap. just too prevent having a reason too get my account banned.

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    I'd like to say i'd tell them and get rid of it ASAP but honestly, it would depend entirely on my mood and who had annoyed me that day.

    I mean i used to fly to orgrimmar on my Draenei shaman and just start attacking horde out the front because i was bored. With that power, (especially the pre-nerfed Martin's Fury) hohoho boy could i make Jaina a happy gal!

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    I would return it immediately but not because its the right thing to do, but because I wouldnt want to get banned. It's the fear of consequences that would control my actions in this case, not a sense of right and wrong :P

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    Nothing is worth the guaranteed ban you'd get.

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    I'd would probably do some boss killing to get myself some nice heroic gear (at the moment I am very very casual, no chance to get heroic loot and that's fine) and have a better time grinding dailies or cruising through heroics (not that heroics need to be easier etc ... well I hope you get me).

    If I'd get true gamechanging GM powers... I'd bring Kazzak to Stormwind every so often. Would reinstate Bolvar (that crap with the "there will always be a lichking etc" is a load of crap) in Stormwind next to Varian and Greymane can get the fuck out or be in another room.

    I'd give my own toons the best gear including a true uncorrupted Ashbringer - or atleast the skin for transmog.

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    I would just not wear an armor while in cities to show off my cool shirt, but use its powers and get a ban ? Nah (Exception: the new powers they seem usable without ban.)
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    id spam wipe the server until it reset.

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    He means, being that guy from Southpark WoW episode, Pwning everyone, and people making a raid to kill you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axehandle View Post
    Even if you knew the consequences of getting caught will be a ban?
    Of course! Nothing can take away the enjoyment of smashing the face of everyone around me

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    back in TBC my mage got the ability to cast ALL her spells instantly, was fun, but I posted a ticket about it; did however finish my dailies extremely quickly that day.

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    Enter random bg, write ticket while waiting for the match to start, send it when I see the first Alliance rush, and see how many bastards I get before d/c. Because fun dammit!
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    Not worth wasting my 5 years old account for. I would just nicely let a GM know... But I will only really know when I get a hold of it

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    The ability to kill anything instantly is overrated. I'd either turn it in immediately or sequester it away for something to really show case it's awesomeness.

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