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Thread: Ethics in WoW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cle View Post
    Wait, so some player got god like powers like wow? when and how?
    Dude got a shirt or something only meant for GM testing and one shot a bunch of bosses in Ulduar.

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    First, I'd use it. Once. On something that I could easily kill anyway, just to see if it worked as advertised. Then, depending on what type of item it was, I'd probably transmog it onto a throwaway item without that power. Then I'd destroy the original and submit a ticket.

    Instantly killing things would get old pretty fast, and it certainly wouldn't be worth my account to me.

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    I would probably do the following:

    1. Discover the item/powers. Be speechless for a couple mins.
    2. Try them out on something.
    3. Tell the guild, show off the powers to prove it to them.
    4. Send a ticket to Blizz... and in the ticket, ask if they can let me keep it for a day for fun.
    5. If they say yes, go around doing all sorts of cool stuff, like spawning bosses in capital cities, turning people into giraffes, etc.
    6. If they say no, then obviously they take the item away and that's that.

    I definitely would NOT use it to create a lasting benefit to myself, or kill raid bosses, or anything like that. I'm a very moral guy, but I would have fun with it if Blizzard allowed it.

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    Yeah f- that I'm not getting my account banned haha so in other words absolutely not / Return it.

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    If I knew what it was I'd return it. I personally don't take any great joy from going around the rules or cheating. I'm not on a soapbox here or anything but if you want to feel that op, take your end game character into a low-level zone, dungeon or raid and go for it.
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    turn it back, will probably get a reward for not using it :P

    If you wanna do those things just join a private server and become a gm yourself

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    i would kill everyone until i was suspended

    Quote Originally Posted by Copperbolt View Post
    They have now changed it to " The caster commits suicide, instantly killing themself."
    So ... I would use it. Again and again c:

    Source; Wowhead: Martin Fury
    this game really needs a ritual suicide vanity item imo

    To serve your lord and do his bidding, is that honorable? Even if that lord is an unimportant piece of shit?

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    I'd prefer not to have my account banned because I invested time into the characters I play and enjoy them. I suppose people who just bot levels and AFK in BGs don't feel this way so for them they've lost nothing if they get banned. If it were on some trial account. I'd remove the Horde from existence everywhere

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    I'd return it, nothing worth being banned for to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axehandle View Post
    Some of us might remember the "Martin fury" incident and it got me thinking about a scenario where if i could have virtually unlimited power in wow would i use it. I'm inclined to say no because of the ethical connotations like cheating, exploiting etc but the sad reality is a mistake was made by blizzard and someone benefited from it. The guy didn't ask for the power he just didn't return it or notify them when he discovered he was the most destructive force in the game.

    So let's revisit an old scandal by asking the question,

    If you could have almost immeasurable power in game that could destroy any player or npc with 1 hit but you have this power due to a mistake from the gaming company and the consequences will be a banning if you're caught would you use it or return it?
    Nearly every single time I get a chance to speak with a GM, when our conversation is coming to a close, I inevitably ask them to spawn some unkillable raid boss in the middle of Org/SW. So I would probably say that yeah, I would have some fun first...

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    I would likely not risk my main account. If I got it on a secondary one, there is no doubt in my mind; I would be the hungry fox in the henhouse.

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