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    update 2/2 Relic of xuen or lei shen orders?

    Hi! i have a doubt, what I should upgrade first, relic of xuen or lei shen orders normal?
    I'm dk frost two handed


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    Xuen 2/2 is the best trinket available to us this tier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGamez View Post
    Xuen 2/2 is the best trinket available to us this tier.
    WRONG. Stop giving false information. Vortex + Lei Shen HC are bis.

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    Wrong how?

    Please don't quote old EJ information that doesn't take into account actual in game performances.

    I'll speak about 2H because that's what I prefer to play.

    Relic/Lei Shen is the best trinket combination for any fight where you are lusting at the start. They have near perfect ICDs so they are constantly stacking (with good rng) and combining with PoF they give you the best dps results.

    Darkmist/Lei Shen is theoretically ahead for DW (455 dps or 0.37% dps) but again - only if you aren't lusting at the start. The haste proc gets wasted as you'll most likely be over capped on Runes/RP anyway and it's better to have the bonus STR during those burst phases to really boost your dps than a bit of extra overall STR.

    A big thing that separates top 20 ranking DPS from top 200 is purely how well they can stack CDs/buffs. Theoretical numbers are great but actual parses are what you want to be looking at.

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    Ok, EU parses, just a few examples of DKs somewhere in top 10 rankings:

    All 3 are using Darkmist Vortex instead of Relic. You do not take into account, no matter how good relic with PoF and Lei Shen is, that 20% haste is almost another bloodlust on a 105 sec icd. And even tho it might seem "wasted" from the point of bloodlusting at the beginning of the fight - ever tried it? I'm getting like 95% Frost Strike crits while bloodlustig just because KM proccs every 2 seconds while using the Vortex with BL. It is better - no matter how "small" the margin might be.

    But btt:
    Upgrade the Darkmoon card ( it's still better than the normal versions) if you won't get your hands on HC trinkets within the next few weeks.

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    Yes I've tried it and I'll use Darkmist+Lei Shen's on some fights where we aren't lusting at the start.

    I've had better overall results and all my top 10 logs have come from Relic/Lei Shen. I'm talking about 2H btw. Some of those linked are DW which Votex/Lei Shen is best.

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    Sorry, but a few parses that show one side or the other should not be enough to convince anyone. ( At least anyone who has a basic understanding of statistics.) On the "BiS" trinket discussion. As far as I know, bloodlust is cast in sims at the beginning of the fight. Any discussion involving BiS happens with the best case scenario for a patchwerk style encounter. Thus Vortex/Lei Shen's would be BiS.

    In practice however, its worth noting they are not necessarily better. Fight length also is worth comparing. In long fights ( think sha of fear) bloodlust becomes a very small duration buff. While them overlapping initially may not be an increase, its possible that it may increase again as fights become long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGamez View Post
    Some of those linked are DW which Votex/Lei Shen is best.
    Vortex stinks compared to relic for DW! ..Nah it doesn't, but on the vast majority of the fights RoF is just much more versatile (and a lot of the time all that RP from AMSing devalues haste)

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    i have all 3 of the trinkets these guys are talking about, and i upgraded them all at this point, what i did first was the darkmoon card. you should as well, as you don't have the heroic trinkets yet. trinket swapping does come in handy for certain fights, and brawler's guild fights etc. you can't go wrong upgrading darkmoon. that trinket can carry you all the way till 5.2 which is still like 1.5-2 months away

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    I don't have any problems using vortex+lei shen's order, both 2/2 and HC during bloodlust, playing 2H.

    7742 haste unbuff.

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    2/2 Xuen is a very powerful trinket, I'm at 7608 haste unbuffed using it with a 2/2 Lei Shin's Final Orders.

    I really enjoy hitting 100k AP during my Potion phases ^_^.

    However I suppose if you were at a lower haste threshold then Darkmist Vortex would be nice as well, however I'm still more fond of stacking strength rather then haste, since there's so many movement-heavy fights.
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    I think the answer really boils down to two situations depending on what level of items you have access to:

    Which trinkets to use if these are my current choices?
    Relic of Xuen (476)
    Lei Shen (489)
    Darkmist Vortex (496)

    Relic of Xuen (484) - Upgrade 2x
    Lei Shen's Final Orders (497) - Upgrade 2x


    Which trinkets to use if these are my current choices?
    Relix of Xuen (476)
    Lei Shen (502)
    Darkmist Vortex (509)

    Lei Shen (510) - Upgrade 2x
    Darkmist Vortex (517) - Upgrade 2x

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