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    <Taken> of Kil'Jadean needs a frostDK ASAP

    Some Heroic experience prefered, but not required. Plz be at least or higher then 490 Ilvl

    <Taken> is a relatively new face to the Alliance on KJ in the last month and a half having progressed to a great degree with heroic content in 25 progression. The core group of people having founded Taken stem from a plethora of backgrounds and content starting points. We've got a great cohesive and lively atmosphere in the guild, forums, and mumble.

    Current progression:
    MSV 5/6H
    HOF 2/6H
    ToES 4/4N /w elite

    If you are interested go to our forums please go ahead and post an application. I hope to hear from you very soon! or Battle tag: Qah#1926Raid

    Sunday 9pm-1am EST
    Monday 9pm-1am EST
    Tuesday 9pm-1am EST
    Wednesday 9pm-1am EST


    ** Obviously if you think you're an exceptional respresentative of your class, please don't be discouraged. Apply! Taken-guild.com

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    Please post in the recruitment forum. This forum is used to discuss the Death Knight class, people come here to research their class or ask questions, not look for a guild.

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    Im am just that desperate!
    Even risking being banned :P

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    I hope this was the right forum - unsure if EU or US, but moved.

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