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    Women who are arroused by rape ?

    First of all WTF is wrong with you, I won't judge but I do have a few questions.

    I recently met a women who has this fetish and I am curious as to how you initiate sexual relations simply because no man in his right mind is just going to force you down and have his way with you without you first showing some form of consent.

    From a mans point of view, if I initiate intimate contact (which is not likely unless I first see some desire for it from you) and I get pushed away I consider that rejection and such advances stop,I can only assume most men would do the same so how do women effectively convince men to rape them or w/e it is they do.

    I won't talk shit about the fetish itself no matter how strange it seems simple because I understand their are many women who are aroused by the thought of being dominated and rape is pretty much the ultimate form of domination.

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    Pretty sure Ayn Rand was one such woman if you read the sex scenes in her books. But I imagine it's something they talk about with their partners and it becomes a role play scenario with a safe word.
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    Rape fantasies are very common. It's a power-play fantasy.
    That's all it is... A fantasy.

    Nobody gets turned on by actually being raped by a bunch of complete strangers.

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    As the male party I could see the turn on.

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    I think it would be a very natural thing at one time, long long ago. We are still somewhat animals!

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    Rape play can be a turn on for women and men. But being actually raped i doubt it. I also don't think its nice for a women to have a dick pushed in her non wet vagina.
    It'll probbaly hurt like hell. Can't see how anyone could ever enjoy that =/

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    Apparently it is one of the most common sexual fantasies, in real life it would be consensual roleplay with a codeword to stop, I bet very few women indeed get off on getting raped for real.

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    You know, I will have to come back to this thread with the amazing clip from Louis CK on this exact subject...

    Edit: Found, and NSFW, so I will just put the link in... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4hNaFkbZYU
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    anyone want doughnuts? i hear there is a great shop in Vancouver

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    Yeah, many women fantasise about being raped...

    .. on their vacation in Spain, on the beach during sunset, by Antonio Banderas covered with rose leaves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RICH1471 View Post
    Apparently it is one of the most common sexual fantasies, in real life it would be consensual roleplay with a codeword to stop, I bet very few women indeed get off on getting raped for real.
    i know for a few of my girlies they dont really want rape they want aggressive sex.

    they want their hubby/bf/fiance to just take them and be aggressive- not being explicit but as in an extra strong push or wrist hold, just stronger dominate.

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    This is not an appropriate topic to discuss here

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