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    Monk vs pala BG heal

    Hello everyone I have a question to you. I m going to make new character. The main goal for me is to heal on bg. In pve I ll play as dps but most important for me is PVP BG. I would like to play either Monk or Pala.
    Personally prefer monk cause he looks better but i am not sure about that.
    First of all I want to ask who is stronger at the moment on BG's monk or pala ?
    Secondly I want to ask if monk is hard to play as healer ? I just started to play after break and as far as I can see you NEED to hit on monk to heal. You cannot just stay and heal people. Am I correct ?
    Feel free to help
    thank you

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    While it's possible to heal as a monk with melee dps, you don't need to do it that way; regular caster healing is available too, and generally more effective unless you're low on mana for some reason.

    Now, to answer you're main question, it all depends on what level you plan to play at. If you intend to get to 90 quickly, then go with the paladin, they are far superior in end game pvp healing. If you plan to take your time and play for awhile below 90, then really either is viable, though you might find monk more 'fun' at lower levels.

    Finally, the obligatory disclaimer: 'stronger at the moment' is an ill-advised way to pick a class. At any moment blizzard could determine paladins are OP and nerf them, and they have been actively buffing monks in recent patches. The best thing to do is to play both classes to 30 or 40, decide for yourself which class is more fun, and then practice. A good player on a weak class is always 'stronger' than a terrible player on a powerful class.

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    I'd say monks are the best healer for BGs.
    I don't think monks are hard to play as healer.
    They can stand still and heal but they also have some spells that heal when you deal dmg.

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    If you enjoy your monk I'm going to whole-heartedly tell you to just go for it and enjoy that class. It's amazingly fun, awesome heals, and a super fun play style. I currently play at 2k+ RBG as a mistweaver, and it's the most fun I've ever had on a healer.

    You're actually incorrect about the hitting to heal. While you can "Fistweave" to heal, it's not viable by any means at 90 unless you're under a low amount of pressure; you're actually going to stand and cast just like any other healer.

    Mistweaver may seem to other people to be an easy class to play; trust me, it's not. But the fun factor far outweighs the learning curve. What makes Mistwevaer hard is that you are BEYOND CCable (If you think that paladins are bad, monks are far worse), so just be prepared to sit in every CC in the game in-between your trink cds. You're going to out-heal and out dispel any other healer currently in the game though. (Wish I could post a picuture of the 21+ mill heals, 137 dispels, and 26 CCs I did in an RBG last night to prove it. Not joking)

    What makes a mistweaver hard is that even with full spirit you WILL (Yes I've tested it several times) OOM in under 7 seconds (Your burst healing: Soothing mist + Surging mists spam) unless you watch you mana tea stacks (Using on cd with glyph), and constantly use chi-based heals (Enveloping mists > Chi Wave > Uplift). Also, that you're constantly under some sort of CC with no way to break it without your trink.

    Monks have great abilities that can really benefit your team, such as:
    Zen Meditation: Pop this when enemy casters are bursting your team to redirect 5 spells to you at a 90% damage reduction rate (great for eating Starsurges / Chaos Bolts and peeling said spells from the enemy's kill target).
    Tiger's lust: Good for letting you melee have better uptime on their target if they're rooted and dispel is on CD, or for escorting the tank across mid-field, or even just for kiting.
    Revival: Most god-mode healing spell in the game. Will heal 1 player like Lay on hands, 2 for the same, 3 for 300K+, and 4+ for 70-150k each. Instant. Low mana cost. AND dispels all diseases, magic effects, and poisons from every player it hits.
    Life cocoon (Glyph this): 325k+ absorption bubble that makes a couple of your heals go into overdrive while absorbing all the damage that target takes for the bubble amount. Note: purgable, Dispellable, Trank shot-able, Spellsteal-able. 2 minute cd (Only use in high burst moments)

    Other than that monk is amazingly fun to play, nigh uncatchable for melee (Chi torp x2, Tiger's lust [if available], Transcendence)

    Note: Spin-to-win! Isn't cool or good at all at 90 for anything but keeping teams from capping flags on node maps, so don't even get use to spamming spinning crane kick.
    DPSing with jab / tiger palm/ BoK / Jade lightning as heals is ONLY okay if your team isn't taking much damage at all.
    Healing sphere is amazing heals that can't be interrupted, so get used to popping those in front of yourself for a quick low mana cost heal to full, or in front of your teammates to get them back up quick (BE sure to inform your team that "GREEN BUBBLES = GOOD! THEY HEAL YOU GOOD! YOU KILL BETTER WHEN HEALED GOOD!").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aherooffools View Post
    If you enjoy your monk I'm going to whole-heartedly tell you to just go for it and enjoy that class. It's amazingly fun, awesome heals, and a super fun play style. [...]
    That's absolutely great summary of mistweaver monk in BGs. I've been playing it since MoP start. Enjoying any moment of it And I can put my signature under each sentence in this post. Maybe one little exeption: mana tea glyph although mandatory in PvE, it's not that beneficial in PvP. But except this, I fully agree with you, MW is the funniest healing class I ever played, and I had levelled all four healing classes to 85 in Cataclysm. My poor dorf pally getting rusty abandoned somewhere in Ironforge...

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    Aherooffools Thank you very much for amazig summary. Now I'm going to copy your post and learn everything you told me about this class. I belive I ll have much more fun than before. I was playing priest ( really enjoyable) and shama ( hate it) and now I hope I ll play much more BG's as monk than have ever played before. Thank you once again !

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    from the number i see monks are stronger but druids (me are better than both) so man up and roll a tree

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