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    Deleted threads off the wow forums

    Hello everyone, first post here! yay!

    I was actually directed by blizzard's phone support to ask this question so that Araxom can see it and provide insights. Here goes.

    Over the last 3 weeks, I have created three threads on my server's forums (proudmoore). "WTS an Alani kill, x amount of gold". Something along those lines, I am paraphrasing since I don't remember it verbatim. Shortly after I post, my thread was usually deleted within a day or even less. I have not received any e-mail about the deletion, nor was I notified of any infractions to the policy. After reading the forum posting guidelines, I was legitimately confused as to why it was deleted.

    I sent in an e-mail to wowreportedpost (not linked as its my first thread) on the 14th of January and have been disgruntled to see that's it been over 2 weeks since I've gotten a reply. Once again, that is why I'm here.

    I'll take this time to summarize what was in the threads: START

    Hey all, Neg here, wanting to sell an Alani kill. I have 10 shards, makes a crystal, I want to sell its use for x amount of gold or best offer. we group and kill alani, you masterloot the mount for yourself.

    I then write out what the in game contract would look like

    I then explain the safety issues on this type of trade as its not a supported transaction by blizzard. While I would never scam anyone, them knowing these things helps me out as a reputable individual

    I then explain that my farming methods are not against the ToU

    I finally explain that trolls beware, reference the harassment and trolling links of the forum posting guidelines, and then I post the thread.


    That's essentially what it looks like in a nutshell. I would attempt to post it verbatim, but I doubt you all want to read a thread inside a thread.

    With all this being said, can anyone clarify why the threads were deleted? I understand that due to alani being an unsupported transaction, it raises a red flag for the potential of it being a scam. Therefore perhaps the mods see fit that those threads don't belong on the forums? I thought that for a while until I did a search through the forums and noticed dozens of other alani threads on other forums advertising the same thing.

    My farming has gained me more then a few enemies, in which they attempt to defame me or derail the thread in their 1 or 2 replies. Maybe the mods see it best to cut the entire thread out by the roots rather then clip and prune away the bad weeds?

    My most recent thread was as professional and safe as I could have made it, so it really through me for a loop to see it deleted. If any further information is needed, I'm more then happy to provide it.

    Finally, I feel this should be said now: This thread is for talking about deleted threads. I sell alani kills yes, but I'm not here to discuss the price, the methods of farming, or anything related to WoW IN GAME. Once again, I will not answer any questions relating to in game. If you must know, everything I am doing is within the ToU. I am doing nothing wrong in game, and that is enough to be said on that.

    Thank you to everyone who the took the time to read the thread. Have a nice day =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Negalmuur View Post
    Hello everyone, first post here! yay!

    I was actually directed by blizzard's phone support to ask this question so that Araxom can see it and provide insights. Here goes.
    I'm 99% sure they didn't tell you to post on MMO champ for Blizzard support. You should have posted this on the wow forums.

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    I don't think that Blizzard's support line would ever tell someone to post on MMO-Champion, especially as our rules are similar to their rules. I can't speak for Blizzard, but I'm pretty sure they don't allow buying/selling/trading through their forums any more than we do.

    You'll have to discuss it with Blizzard again, or PM Araxom if you want to ask him/her.

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