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    Hopefully I don't have to find a way to cope. My grandfather has lung cancer and going through his last few treatments because it just started to develop in December so it's still small enough that they might be able to operate and get it out. Fingers crossed.

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    I don't even want to think about anyone close to me dying, I don't think I can handle it. All my grandparents passed away when I was 14 except maybe my mothers dad (he left them when she was young so I don't even know hes name and mom never talks about him). It's strange, I think about them sometimes even now, 6 years later and can see them before my eyes and remember what we talked about, and what we did. It's hard to believe that they are just... gone.

    I was born when my parents were already 40 and 42, so they're in their 60s now and I worry about them all the time. They live unhealthy lives too and when I talk about it with mom, she always turns it back to me and starts talking about my life and how I wasted last year etc. *sigh* I guess I have to have another talk with them tomorrow, dad already had hearth surgery because of clogged arteries and mom has lots of health problems too and doesn't want to lose weight -.-

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    Has anyone had anyone close to them die? I just recently had my father pass away from a freak heart attack (in the last month), and it sucks not being able to talk with him anymore... How have you coped with the loss of someone you love / were close to?
    Just remember you are not alone, and they are not alone.

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    When a close of mine friend died several years ago I just did stuff to keep my mind occupied so I wouldn't think about it. It worked really well for a few years, but eventually it caught up with me.

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    This sounds weird but I don't think I've felt anything when someone close to me had died, I just think "that's a shame".

    I normally pretend to be sad because that's what people expect, that's not to say I didn't care about them but it's not something I do.

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