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    Quote Originally Posted by Kralljin View Post
    Doesn't really matter where you are doing to Poll, because you will hardly get that much people that seriously vote on this stuff to actually have a real reflection on the opinion of the majority.
    It really don't matter, there was last I checked 860-890 votes on the poll, with an even split for a desire to do 10 or 25, with another 30odd % wanting to do 25, but being stuck in 10s atm.., it's how polls work, sample size, it's how blizzard gains feedback when collecting data from various sites on various topics, it's how election polls work, it's how every poll in history have worked.., a sample size that indicates the wishes!

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    Read every word again and tell me this isn't a troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quikbunny View Post
    Read every word again and tell me this isn't a troll.
    Well I don't know... He didn't say there would be ilvl 463 weapons equippable by 70s, so it looks pretty legit...

    Oh wait...
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    All right, I admit it, I shoulda closed it from the start. It didn't go too well anyway, so zip goes the zipper.

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