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    Such a quality game. The artwork, story, music and combat system were all done so well. I loved how they added timed button pushing to all the attacks and skills to keep them interesting after you've already used them 1000 times and are sick of watching them. It's something I've only ever scene in Super Mario RPG and wished was in all RPG turn based combat games. Was so fun trying to time all the jumps on super jump or whatever or trying to get in as many fireballs in as you could.
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    Fond memories. I played Super Mario RPG once more before Mists launch and finished it up a little afterwards. Very good memories indeed, and it's nice to see that others appreciate the classics. (Finally found all the hidden chests in the game! \o/ )

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    Played it for the first time a few years back, It didnt really grab me that much.

    Superstar Saga and Paper mario are much better RPG's

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    The only Rpg I really remember playing on SNES was Earthbound which was one of the best RPGs of all time. I did love Super Mario World tho.

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    I love that game so much!

    It along with sitting and playing the original Final Fantasy and Crystalis with my grandfather I believe is what has firmly gotten me into RPGs over the years. I really do need to try and play it on Virtual Console at some point.

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    Super Mario RPG was my first non-Pokemon RPG. I remember it fondly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabrix32 View Post
    I still think SMB 3 was the best.
    While SMB3 is amazing, it's a completely different type of game. Can't really compare them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stocking View Post
    Played it for the first time a few years back, It didnt really grab me that much.

    Superstar Saga and Paper mario are much better RPG's
    Same thing here. They're all RPGs, but different types of RPGs. Super Mario RPG is more classic-type while Paper Mario/Mario & Luigi are another type, though the latter two games are fairly similar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aikoyamamato View Post
    So many great tunes! Smithy Final Battle, Sad Theme, Culex (FF4 boss), Armed Boss, Mushroom Kingdom, Rose Town, Forest Maze...I could go on and on!

    Super Mario RPG was one of the first games I ever played. <3
    Zomg the memories from that music!!! I played this game endlessly! I wish I had my old SNES right now
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    Geno was slated to be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl until Square balked and pulled him. Unused music of Forest Maze:

    I'd love for them to port it the DS/3DS so I can play without emulating it on a portable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausr View Post
    Geno was slated to be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl until Square balked and pulled him. Unused music of Forest Maze:

    I'd love for them to port it the DS/3DS so I can play without emulating it on a portable.
    That theme is a nice homage to the original. Shame it had to go unused. Would love to hear the Boss Battle theme re-done in a similar fashion.

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    I still remember the aggravation of fighting Culex and being all sorts of excited when I finally beat him/her/it. Shame the same wasn't felt when I destroyed Smithy on the second of so try. Ditto on the wanting a remake on the DS/3DS. Would make my lunch breaks at work more interesting.

    And on the topic of the Forest Maze theme:

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    I still beat it 1-2 times a year.

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    i loved that game lol

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    That game was great!!! Belome was kinda scary too lol

    Heres the awesome forest maze song--somone did this version on mario paint its pretty good
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    Yea, This is still my favorite RPG of all time, there has never been a game made even close to what Super Mario RPG has done for me, the story, the items, the game play and flow along with the team you get. It kills me so much that I will never play a game and get the same feels that i did with this game.

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    My first RPG. One of the favorites of all time for sure. I played the game so many times through that the battery in the memory died and if I ever tried to save a game from then on out I could not remove the cartridge from the slot or all my saves would be wiped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    That would be awesome if they did. But I don't see Square doing it now. It seems they are having a hard time putting together a decent FF game of any kind these days.
    That's because they are busy making a trilogy out of FF13 (someone at Squenix must definiately have a hardon for Lightning or something!) and trying to reboot that holy poop storm FF14. Sure it looks good now, but my god they will have to pay me to buy that game. That game left such a bad taste in my mouth. They should fire EVERYONE who worked on the original project.

    Still no FFVersus, no FF fighting game other than Desidia on the PSP... COME ONE SQUARE!

    But back on topic, I LOVED Mario RPG and have replayed it several times. I would love a sequel as well, no more Paper Mario!
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    Nintendo seriously needs to do a remake or a sequel, such a fantastic game.

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    The only one thing I didn't like was screwing up the 100 jumps challenge for the Super Jacket. 91! 92! 93... Damn it!

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    Oh god I loved playing that game, one of the finest RPGs of the SNES era.

    Too bad the sequal (yes, there was) got turned into Paper Mario. Which certainly is still a good RPG... just not what I had hoped for T.T

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