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    Quote Originally Posted by Asotcha View Post
    That game was great!!! Belome was kinda scary too lol

    Heres the awesome forest maze song--somone did this version on mario paint its pretty good
    If Belome scared you, then avert your eyes from this:

    Also, love how when Belome ate Mario he said something along the lines of it being "too sour" or bitter but when he ate everyone else it was delicious.

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    These are one of the best RPG's that I played on the SNES, played this back and forth with Chrono Trigger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baelic View Post
    Oh god I loved playing that game, one of the finest RPGs of the SNES era.

    Too bad the sequal (yes, there was) got turned into Paper Mario. Which certainly is still a good RPG... just not what I had hoped for T.T
    But then the sequel to Paper Mario (great game still) gave us PM: Thousand Year Door!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewster925 View Post
    That's because they are busy making a trilogy out of FF13 (someone at Squenix must definiately have a hardon for Lightning or something!) and trying to reboot that holy poop storm FF14. Sure it looks good now, but my god they will have to pay me to buy that game. That game left such a bad taste in my mouth. They should fire EVERYONE who worked on the original project.

    Still no FFVersus, no FF fighting game other than Desidia on the PSP... COME ONE SQUARE!

    But back on topic, I LOVED Mario RPG and have replayed it several times. I would love a sequel as well, no more Paper Mario!
    We had Tobal for the Ps1 and Tobal 2. Those were fighting games, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausr View Post
    But then the sequel to Paper Mario (great game still) gave us PM: Thousand Year Door!
    I stopped playing after Paper Mario. Is it worth getting PM: Thousand Year Door or should I skip to something else?

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    Hell yea I remember Super Mario RPG! I got it as a Christmas gift. I wanted a Nintendo 64 because it was 3D but I got that game instead because that was 3D and much cheaper than buying a new system.

    That was a really fun game and, I think, the second RPG I've ever played. After that, I was hooked on RPGs only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    Yes I do. I had a box that had many things in it. Among them was a mint 1963 xmen, unopened Chrono Trigger, FF3, Secret of Evermore, Super Mario RPG, Zelda A Link to the past, rare Magic the Gathering cards and many other keepsakes for me. My ex wife left me because I couldn't afford her shopping habits and bills and thought leaving me would make me have more money, idk, her dad spoiled her. And it drove her crazy that I didnt give in. So I came hoem from work one day and my goody box in smoldering in the backyard where she burned it to hurt me.
    Came here expecting happy-fun-times nostalgia but got this.

    I would have cried. Then blacked out from the pure rage. The monster.... Im surprised she wasnt sitting there waiting for you with a smile on her face...

    Its time like these where we should be allowed to hit a woman. If we could, then shit like this would never happen. A man would never do this to another man without fully expecting and respecting the consequences.

    OT: Thanks for the read. Might even boot this bad boy up again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dabrix32 View Post
    I still think SMB 3 was the best.
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    Haven't played the game since '98 or '99 - still remember that the password for that part (I think in the boat) is "pearl."

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    OMG yes. I spent so many hours playing this game when i was a kid.

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