<Second Covenant> is currently in need of a ranged dps with a healing offspec for one of our 10 man raid groups. We would prefer a priest, but all are welcome to inquire.

We are an easy going guild of long-time players that have been together for years, in WoW (since vanilla) as well as other MMO's. As a diverse group of players that have jobs/spouses/kids/etc, we are not a hardcore progression guild, but we do have very competent and dedicated raiders that make the most of our raid times each week.

The raid group's times are Tuesday, Thursday, Monday from 6:30-9:00 server. Due to player attrition after Cata, this group got a late start on raiding content, and has lost a few members to real-life issues. The group has only been together for about 6 weeks, and are currently 6/6 in MSV, and looking to progress through HoF and Terrace quickly and efficiently in preparation for 5.2.

This opening is immediate and for a core position within our roster. Please message dartaneon#1777, jox#1727, rage#1756 or any officer of <Second Covenant> for more information, or visit us at second-covenant.com to drop an app. Thanks and happy raiding!