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    [H] <Got the Munchies> Tarren Mill 13/13HC 10 Man

    Current Progress
    13/13 Heroic

    West Rank 268
    EU Rank 198
    EU English 79

    10 Man;
    West Rank 184
    EU Rank 142
    EU English 59


    Current Recruitment
    Brewmaster Monk
    Blood Death Knight
    DPS Death Knight
    Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Elemental Shaman
    Enhancement Shaman


    Regardless of these recruitment options, we will still accept the applications of skilled players of any class and spec, if you think you can outperform a current roster member, you let us know.

    Got the Munchies was founded in 2010 and it quickly grew up as a tight community of dedicated players who always prioritized PvE. We concluded 4.3 ranking 2nd on server, with two 10 Man raid teams and multiple successful alt runs every week.
    At the end of 4.3, many of our members decided to go their separate ways. One found his way to Method, another to Paragon.
    Despite this, we decided to make a comeback toward the end of 5.1, and appreciating our current gear level, we think we pulled it off pretty well.
    Our guild is based on friendship and has always offered much more than just a raiding group. In fact, our main concern has always been to provide our members a friendly and mature environment, with plenty of other activities such as PvP guild runs, Xmog runs, leveling, questing & achievements, etc.

    Wednesday 20.30 – 24.00
    Thursday 20.30 – 24.00
    Sunday 20.30 – 24.00
    Monday 20.30 – 24.00
    Tuesday 20.30 – 24.00
    Alt runs will be weekly scheduled on website.

    We expect the usual from every applicant;
    - Show up on time
    - Attend 90%+ raids
    - High Performance
    - Highly Motivated
    - Able to take criticism
    - Great knowledge of both class and encounters.
    You must WANT to play this game.

    You can expect from us;
    - A strong, highly motivated team
    - A solid, friendly environment
    - Highly skilled players

    Should you have more interest, feel free to visit the sites listed above, including our youtube page!
    We thank you for your interest and your time spent reading.
    Should you have more questions feel free to contact in game; Náki, Zalaa, Bròwnsugar, Tempcore or Eidolon.

    Alternatively add Nakiva#2747 to your battletag.
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    Recruitment Updated.

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    Desperation is setting in, mages needed dramatically!

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    Onwards & Upwards, 6/13 HC, Megaera soon to follow! Need them mages!

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    7/13 HC!

    Still in need of mages.

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    Holy Paladin and Mistweaver recruitment bumped up to high

    100% raid spot for both of those plus a mage!

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    Recruitment Updated.

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    Recruitment updated. STILL need that mage !

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    Primordius almost down, if not for the evade glitch!

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    Primordius Down!

    Still looking!

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    Recruitment updated, in need of more ranged dps.

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    Recruitment still open, aiming higher next patch.

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    Durumu falls, Twin Consorts soon to follow!

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    Need more people to kickstart our second group!

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    Recruitment updated, in need of a boomkin/rogue for main team, 100% SPOT.

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    Still in need of talented ranged dps.

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    Dark Animus down!

    Battletag added.

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