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    <Mad Swagger> of Illidan-US (9/16HM) Recruiting a Skilled Tank

    As the title of the thread suggests we are recruiting a skilled (non-monk) tank to join our 10man roster and continue clearing HM's in MoP. This is for a core raid spot for HM progression.

    A little about us:
    we are a small group of like minded individuals who wanted something more out of our time in game and moved to Illidan as a group to find it. Heroic progression is our main focus and we do everything we can to do this while enjoying the time we spend together in a friendly yet competitive environment. If you also enjoy this type of experience then come join our ranks.

    What we are looking for:
    We are looking for people with significant hard mode experience and vast knowledge of their class. We are also looking for people that are proactive when it comes to seeking out the best way to min / max their personal play, and perform at the highest level they can at all times.

    We are looking to raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays. With Mondays being a make up day if people have scheduling conflicts.

    Raid Times
    8:00- 11:00 (server time)

    Loot Rules
    Since this is 10m, loot will be free roll, with MS over OS.We expect the up most maturity when handling loot. we promote a no drama environment.

    We are currently 9/16 Hard Modes (6/6 MSV and 3/6 HoF) with several 1% wipes on 1st boss in HoF.

    Contact us
    If you have any more questions feel free to contact Markle, Zevix, Latro or Pandophile in game for more details.
    or app to our website http://madswagger.enjin.com/
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    We're still on the look out for a quality player wanting a enjoyable and successful raid Environment.

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