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    Problems with frame rate.

    I built a new computer about 4 months ago and just recently WoW has been going down in frame rates and I don't know why, every other game still plays great no matter what. My specs are as follows: i7-3770k 3.5ghz no OC, 16gigs of DDR3 ram, 2 GTX 680 SLI, and 1,000W power supply. With this I used to get 100 or more frames in WoW at all times, but recently I will go down to 30-40. I have ran Unigine Heaven benchmark to compare what my score is now to the day I got the computer up and running and nothing has changed at all, BF3 runs the same as always and so does Skyrim.

    I'm hoping someone can give me some clues as to what is going on, or if they have been experiencing problems similar to these.

    (Also I have updated the drivers a few times)

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    Maybe an addon is causing the issue, I had the same problem before.

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    Hi Zuthus, as fyl says - it could be an addon, you may want to try resetting the UI if disabling the addons doesn't do the trick. Otherwise, we offer this page which deals with basic fixes for framerate and performance related issues.

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