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    Post <Merely a Setback> Level 70 BC Raiding Guild (Not a twink guild)

    Are you bored with cata? Miss old content? Simply have not enjoyed any of WoW's latest content compared to the older stuff?

    Whatever it is, if you take a liking to the idea of tackling some old foes on their own turf, we may be the guild for you!

    We are located on the <Draka> server on Alliance.

    To Join: visit http://masguild.guildlaunch.com/ and click the "Create Application" link on the left side of the page and message an officer in game!

    Current Progression:
    Karazhan: 9/9
    Gruul's Lair: 2/2
    Magtheridon's Lair: 1/1
    Tempest Keep: 4/4
    Serpent Shrine Cavern: 6/6
    Mount Hyjal: 5/5
    Black Temple: 7/9


    Warriors: Medium (Prot Primarily)
    Paladins: High (Holy/Protection)
    Shamans: Medium (Resto/Enhancement/Elemental)
    Rogues: Medium
    Hunters: Medium
    Mages: Very High
    Warlocks: Very High
    Priests: Low
    Druids: Medium ( Tank/Heals)

    For starters you must know we are NOT a twink guild per-say.
    We do not allow ANY gear that wasn't available in Pre-BC/BC in the raids.
    We also do not allow Brutal pvp gear in raids, as it is t6 equivalent and you can farm it in a day and it would suck a lot of fun right out of the raiding.
    We do not allow death knights or monks in the guild.
    New class combos are acceptable - worgens/pandas are not allowed however.

    Raid Times:
    6:30pm CST: Tuesday Nights
    6:30pm CST: Friday Nights
    6:30pm CST: Saturday Nights (Karazhan & Alt Runs)
    May mix in some alt kara raids on off raid nights since Kara ends up being something that gets steamrolled in about an hour that people usually just go on for alts after about a month.

    We have a decent number of levelers so feel free to reroll a fresh character!. Also check out our RAF forum if you are looking for an RAF partner.

    You are also welcome to transfer your existing 70's as well.

    Many of us are all from a very successful 60 raiding guild that still continues to clear content every week , we know what it takes to maintain a successful classic content raiding guild and we have full intentions of keeping our promises. We've been doing this for 3 years and have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

    We know the playerbase is out there, as there are many 70's and many 60's going 70 as more 60 content is removed, while 70 still has only lost ZA and we still have Kara, Gruuls, Magtheridon, SerpentShrine Cavern, Tempest Keep, Hyjal, Black Temple, Sunwell Plateu. Not to mention all the great 5 man heroics or 70 pvp in offtime.

    There's also still much to do at 70 with reps, mounts, etc!

    Please visit us at http://masguild.guildlaunch.com and use the create an application button to register to the site, use launch code raidbc5 Then all you have to do is whisper an officer and get an invite!

    If you have any questions please reply here, or post on the website, or contact us ingame!

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    We just stepped into TK tonight and got Kael down which finishes us for T5 content. Then we went into Hyjal where we were only 2/5 and managed to clear it!

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